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Your Possible Next Employee Health Benefit

Major Canadian employers are considering covering medical marijuana as your next employee health benefit. The reputation management pricing company understands that this is a possibility for major Canadian employers but this also won’t be appropriate for some employers. Where will they draw the line when it comes to major Canadian employers? Does that mean police officers can be allowed this drug on the job or off the job only? Are teachers allowed to be on medical marijuana during school time or only on their own time? Although this may be a great benefit to many organizations and many employees, it is important to be able to establish some rules on this.

Only large Canadian companies with self-funded employee benefit plans are seriously considering covering medical cannabis for their workers, according to a benefits industry insider James MacDonald/Bloomberg. Since companies get to choose their benefit plan covers, some of their workers want them to cover medical marijuana from now on.

So far, the companies that have been covering medical marijuana for their workers include LIUNIA in order to battle opioid crisis, and Loblaw’s has also started to cover it for their workers. Many insurance companies are hesitant to cover medical marijuana since they don’t know how to price the risk of medical cannabis. There is a wide range of products available, the personalized nature of dosing and the wide range of potential indications as complicating factors.

If employees want to be covered for medical marijuana, not every employee will be accepted and it would be approved on a case-by-case basis says Sullivan. Many are saying that by covering medical marijuana, this brings a mutual benefit for patients and for their employers. There are many reports that are positive from patients saying they are going back to work, have better social lives, are feeling happier their symptoms are more manageable, are often going off of other pharmaceutical drugs which are all insured as well. The real question in place now is ‘’Can they do a better job of getting people back to work sooner, and staying at work’ by covering medical marijuana for them?

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