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Yext and its Alternatives –Whis is more Effective When it comes to Local SEO Campaigns?

Local Search Engine Optimization is a good strategy full of great opportunities, but for most local business owners, it is a complicated and stringent set of policy. For your business to establish a stable local presence on the internet, you need to keep an eye on local directories where you can list or could have registered your business, and monitor these directory locations for any new updates.

There are companies, most notably Yext, have made the initiative to make the process of creating and submitting local citations and listings easier for businesses. But, while Yext is providing valuable services, some companies or local Search Engine Optimization campaign might not find the tool very useful, or it is not right for them to use it as of the moment.

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What is Yext?

Yext is a tool for local listing that helps boost the company’s ranking in local searches by submitting local citations and listings as accurate as possible. Either they will do this by replacing the inaccurate existing data, or they can fill the void where the information is missing before.

They are also offering an integrated dashboard, where updated analytics for the client’s local Search Engine Optimization campaigns are displayed. It includes updates on the changes in information, detailed local listings, as well as profile clicks and views for their client’s business listings.

Advantages of using Yext

Yext is an SEO tool that helps consolidate and make the manual process of managing and submitting local listings much easier compared to traditional manual submission. Local listings are significant for Search Engine Optimization, but there are a lot of businesses that don’t have the workforce, the time, the money, or the patience to make manual directory submissions.

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Automatic distribution

Yext can look and dig the internet for every possible location their client’s business might have been listed. It also searches for any occurrences where your business’ information like business name, address, contact details are inaccurate or have an inconsistent format. It can save a lot of valuable time for business owners.

Although, there are tools that are marketed as the best alternatives to Yext, using Yext is still a good option to generate a list of directories where their business information will be updated – making the listing process much more accessible.

Instant and easy distribution

Timing is one of the most significant and most recognized problems when it comes to citation distribution and submission. Never mind how long it takes to find local listing directories. Once You made the changes and additions and submitted it to directories, it will take at least days, weeks or even months for listing directories to adopt the changes and additions that you made and another couple of weeks before they are incorporated into the search engine indexes.

With the proprietary data distribution protocol of Yext, it is possible to pass this information instantly. In just a matter of days, the listings that you made can be live and updated.

Integrated dashboard

Yext’s integrated dashboard is very beneficial to business owners, especially if they are new to local Search Engine Optimization. While its panel is straightforward, it gives the business owners an insight into the amount of traffic generated by the local listings. It will also provide them with an idea of how different business listings compared to other listings regarding value.


Yext is very useful, especially concerning tracking down local directories where your data is absent or inaccurate, but once the information is updated, there is not much you will need Yext for.

It is a valuable system to know whether your profiles are updated or not, but businesses don’t need a proprietary protocol to manage the portion. Because of this, the value of using Yext is questionable, especially with its expensive price tag.


The cost of the tool is somewhat variable, depending on how big your business is and how many local directory listings you need to change. A one-time subscription fee can go at around $500 to $1,000. If you want to use local Search Engine Optimization boost and you don’t have the time to update everything by yourself, the $500 you are paying might be worth it. Otherwise, Yext is an expensive tool that is not entirely needed to run your business.

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Is it worth the money you are paying?

Unfortunately, this is a question that has no definite answer, but it still comes down whether your business needs it or not. Every company is not the same; each one is going to need something different out of the service. If you have the time or the money to spend on a one-time update, and you have you had a few local listings that need to be changed and submitted.

Yext can give you everything that you are necessary to boost your business’ local Search Engine Optimization relevance. Other than that, Yext, as an ongoing service, does not have anything special from other free tools and little extra work.

Another alternative

If you are looking to get some value in what Yext is offering without paying for their service, there are other tools that you can use for free, easy-to-use resources that can help your business make all the necessary updates to boost tour local search rank.

Google tools

One of the perfect tools for building awareness for your business mentions on local directories is Google Alerts. It is very effective, and the good news is, it is free. You can set alerts to be sent to you every time a specific keyword like your business’ brand is mentioned on a particular website or websites like Yelp.

By using Google Alerts, you can plug into a lot of conversations and keep an eye on all your local directories using just one tool. It is very convenient and a lot cheaper compared to Yext or any similar means. Not only that, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster are excellent tools that can help business owners measure the impact of their strategy.

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When using Google Analytics, business owners can filter their audience until the locals are present to determine the overall effect of your strategy or check Audience Acquisition breakdown to see whether their external local listings will generate a right amount of traffic.

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