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Why You Should Use a Flash Drive for Storing Data

Flash drives are a central part of the storage device industry, which also features devices such as standard hard drives and SD memory cards. While each device is useful for storing many types of data, each has its own demands.

Here are some of the key benefits included with USB drives compared to other devices.

Increased Durability

Unlike hard drives, flash drives don’t contain any parts that move. While hard drives use aluminum or glass platters that spin as data is read or written, flash drives function as solid-state drives that are less prone to damage from shocks or drops.

Improved Portability

Flash drives are significantly smaller than other types of storage devices, too, making them easier to place in pockets or attach to keychains for additional portability. It’s much harder to do this with hard drives because of their size, measuring several inches in length. Some flash drives may be longer than a few inches, but these flash drives are typically used for customization of data storage rather than portability.

Increased Storage Space

Modern flash drives offer a greater amount of storage space and capacity than older devices, with some capable of storing as much as 128GB of data. Flash drives with a gigabyte or less in storage space are typically inexpensive and easy to purchase in bulk for distribution. However, if you require a backup for holding large amounts of data or running specific programs, you’re better off getting a flash drive with more space.

Fast Transfer Speeds

Today’s USB 3.0 flash drives are capable of transferring at speeds of up to 4.8 GB per second, which is unheard of with other devices. Even the fastest hard drives are only capable of reaching around 150 MB per second.More Compatibility

The flash drive interface and platform have become ideal for connecting a device to a PC. Whether you use a netbook, desktop, or laptop computer, you’re likely to find that there are multiple USB ports present to allow you to plug devices into them. This is better than old-school SD memory cards that are incompatible with most computers.Use Flash Drives as Promotional Materials

Flash drives are relatively inexpensive and available for bulk purchase, making them a good choice for promotion. Flash drives can feature custom designs and reflect brands, carrying names, logos, slogans, or even graphics. You can also include preloaded programs, text files, videos, or other information that users can access to learn more about the brand.

As flash drives continue to become more popular, more people will be able to experience the benefits that come with these devices. While they’re certainly not new, we’re not likely to see a replacement device for flash drives in the near future. Flash drives will only continue to evolve and develop, combining portability with high storage capacity, with new flexible designs coming along that will make it easier than ever to store and use data.

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