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Why WhatsApp Share Buttons Are Must For You?

Does it ever happens to you, you saw a wonderful product or hilarious article that you wanted to share it with your friends or with other people? You have lots of options to share it but you don’t want to post it publicly on Facebook or Twitter where you have lots of connections rather than friends and family members. You want to share it privately.

This is the main reason of the growing of “private share” options. Today, people want to connect with their personal contacts rather than sharing things with everyone. And to make this happen, Whatsapp is the best emerging tool with more than one billion users. It has become as a new asource for sending messages and media.

To stay one step ahead of the competition smart marketers or bloggers are widely using WordPress social share buttons. In this article, I am going to explain some of the reasons of why adding WhatsApp share button is important for you.

Reason 1

It tremendously boosts social sharing: From the day WhatsApp is launched, it is witnessing huge growth. It is one of the most popular platforms for communication. From sending texts to high-quality videos, it is widely using by millions of people worldwide. It is acting as an amazing channel that is boosting private social sharing trend. According to a report by the  US Today, WhatsApp is generating around 18 percent of the website’s sharing activities. The same report suggests that Facebook and WhatsApp messenger combinedly process 60 million messages per day and the number is many times more than the other means of sharing.

Reason 2

It doubles the level of personalization: Personalization is the key to success. People love personalized messages more than public. WhatsApp allows you to offer personalize sharing which is not possible through Twitter or other social sharing media. Sharing stuff using WhatsApp is like sending personalized emails.It improves click-through rate as well.

When you send something for an example an article to someone, chances are that he/she has similar interests as yours. And this increases the chances that the person will engage with the content and share it further.

Reason 3

It engages mobile users: Smartphones have become a new necessity of people. Checking out their phone as soon as they wake up has become a common habit of most of us. WhatsApp is a platform generally for smartphone users so, WhatsApp share offers a huge opportunity.

Theses are some of the reasons that make WhatsApp social share button so important.


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