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What to Look for While Buying a Right Sony TV

Are you in the market to purchase a Sony TV? If so, then you have to consider certain aspects before making a buying decision. It is because this brand offers plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a TV. It includes android or smart TV, OLED TV, HD internet TV, and Full HD/ 4K ultra HD/HD TV.

Each TV model has its own specification and features so that you have to research well and pick the right one based on your demands and needs. To know other TV models available in Sony check our sites like CompareRaja or Amazon. While buying a TV, you should consider aspects such as display type, resolution option, screen sizes, price, etc.

Things you have to look for while buying Sony TV

Choose the right panel type

A panel type is one of the significant aspects to consider while choosing a TV. You must understand the different technologies existing in the Sony brand TVs to choose the best panel type.  Some of the panel types are LED, LCD, Plasma, and OLED. Each has its own pros and cons & suitable for certain applications.

Screen size of the TV matters a lot

The golden rule of purchasing a TV is choosing the biggest possible screen for your budget as well as viewing distance. It is because the impact of the larger screen will surpass all little elements and improvement combined together. Remember, the compromises that you make should not heavily affect the image quality of the TV.  If you prefer to upgrade your TV from 32-inch to 42-inch LED TV, then it is ideal to choose a 48-inch or 50-inch LED TV.

Connectivity options

If you are going to use other options instead of setup box, then your TV should have extra connectivity options. It is better to shop a TV with at least two HDMI ports and others ports to connect agaming console or a computer to TV.  Pick TV with at least one USB port so that you can play videos or power to the chromecast.

Choose HD or full HD or 4K Ultra HD

At Sony center, you will able to access TV from 3840×2160 pixels to low pixels and effective 1366x768pixles. If you want to buy a high image quality TV, then spend some little bit extra money to opt for a4K ultra or full HD instead of HD.

Sound quality

Apart from these, you have to ensure TV has the better sound quality. Sony is highly popularized brand for the amazing sound and image quality. Through their advanced technologies, you can avail amazing sound clarity while watching a cricketmatch and playing games.


Finally, you have to consider the budget in which you wish to buy a TV. Sony always offers affordable price rates but its price slightly increased when you go for the most sophisticated and advanced TV features & options. Therefore, it is better to limit your budget according to your needs and therefore you will prefer TV based on that.

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