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What is So Special About Apple Charging Cables?

Apple has never been one to take a back seat in regards to innovation. Indeed, the company likes to be on the forefront of technology, playing by its own set of rules to establish success on its own terms.  If you take a look at the company’s hardware and evolution these facts become quite evident.

Take, for example, the iPod. It was revolutionary in its simplicity.  It was not the first portable music player, necessarily, but it easily became the trendsetting industry leader that paved the way for the digital music revolution as we know it today.  

Then the company did it again, decades later, with the iPhone, simplifying the concept of the mobile phone—not in a simple machine, but in a machine that was easy to use.Image result for What is So Special About Apple Charging Cables?

But do not overlook the way that Apple innovates in every way.  For example, the company also designs innovative cables that are uniquely exceptional for Apple’s mobile products, like the Apple charging cable, for example.


The “Lightning Cable” is Apple’s proprietary USB-type data/charging cable. This very unique cable works as both a data transfer cable and a charging cable but what makes it different from a typical USB 2.0 cable is the processor built into these cables which actually detects when the phone is plugged into the charging base and when it is plugged into another data device. The processor knows how to route the appropriate electrical signals in order to address the needs of the user.


Well, yes.  Again, Apple designs machines that make complicated systems as simple as possible for the user.  This can work so much better for the user than traditional USB 2.0 technology. Furthermore, Apple has already moved on to their next generation cables—known as Thunder Cables—which are based on USB 3.0 technology.  The company also has lightning-to-HDMI cables and lightning-to-VGA cables that allow you to view your iPhone/iPad (any Apple device, really) on a monitor without the need for splitters, converters, and other such peripheral devices.  Of course, the company will probably also offer similar adaptive pieces for the Thunder Cables as well.

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