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Utilizing POP Displays to Make Products Stand Out

POP displays have consistently provided an effective but cost effective way of presenting a product or service to a target market. Despite changing marketing trends, display manufacturers continue to offer temporary and permanent solutions to retailers across different industries, working with specifications for the display with the intent of making the product pop up in a sea of options.

An experienced display company has the capability of collaborating with a retailer in developing the concept and mounting a display that melds customer and client needs. Moreover, they also have the capability of capturing the corporate values and image in a creative visual presentation that engages the target market.

Envisioning the Campaign

The “2016 P-O-P Trends Survey,” released by The Path to Purchase Institute indicated several ways to utilize POP displays, with more product marketers stating its effectiveness when used for a new product launch.

Client collaboration and campaign conceptualization take place before a display comes to life. A well thought of display hinges on several factors, including target customers, product messaging., and even materials to be used for the campaign. The design should reflect the purpose of the display, whether it is for a product or show launching, a seasonal promotion, or a customized permanent exhibit.

Bringing the Concept to Life

Retail display manufacturers are presented with the challenge of bringing the client’s concepts to life. POP displays now come in a variety of options, playing with dimensions that bring depth to the material and invite people to take a closer look. These new POP displays also utilize new types of materials that are more flexible and customizable. Retail clients may want to utilize displays with interactive elements, such as sound, light, and movement to catch the attention and evoke interest from target customers. Others opt for displays that highlight the product itself, with fewer bells and whistles but more straightforward messaging. An experienced display manufacturer can work with the client to turn these ideas into a tangible product.

Highlighting Customer Engagement

Experienced display manufacturers know the importance of customer engagement and how to sustain interest through their use of materials, messaging, and other visual elements. The more complicated displays even incorporate digital elements to engage a younger generation of customers. As indicated in the results of the “2016 P-O-P Trends Survey,” there is a trend toward retailers redirecting their advertising display dollars toward digital methods. This prompted versatile POP display manufacturers to incorporate digital signage into their displays.

But the bottom line is, an experienced display manufacturer can help customers create that perfect story. A “POPAI 2014 Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study,” indicated that more than 80 percent of customers often decide to make a purchase while shopping, meaning the decision was not planned. This plays an important factor in developing a POP display that can engage and influence shopping decisions.

Despite evolving trends, POP displays will continue to thrive. From handy countertop pieces to lifelike floor setups, POP displays offer a versatile option for retailers looking for an eye-catching short or long term solution for highlighting retail products.

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