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Top 5 cross-platform mobile development tools for enterprises

Mobile app development is the fastest growing enterprise in today’s day and age. Cross-platform mobile developments are increasingly being used by small and huge companies alike for a better mobile app development experience for users throughout the world. The Enterprise App Development is benefited a lot by the cross-platform development. Companies which are using cross-platform mobile app development vary from old hands to beginners. Almost everyone in this area of work is getting around to using cross-platform mobile app development with increasing sensitivity.

Listed below are the top 5 cross-platform mobile developments for Mobile App Development companies.

  • Adobe

Adobe’s cross-platform development provides Phone-Gap Build and Phone-Gap. Out of these two, one which is Phone-Gap Build is situated in the cloud and the other one which is Phone-Gap is an open source solution. Cordova which is an open source set of tool APIsfunctions over a different variety of device platforms. With the help of Cordova’s APIs along with cross-platform plug-ins helps the developers to build and code applications. This can be done by using CSS3, Java Web languages and HTML5.

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  • Xamarin

Xamarin is another cross-platform developed tool. By using a single shared C# codebase, it helps developers to build native iOS, Windows, and Android apps. With the help of company’s could service, apps which are developed with the platform can be run on multiple devices. With the help of Xamarin University program, Xamarin proposes its own interface development tool and online classes. There are many features that Xamarin’s offers covers. Those features are native API access, the ability to add components directly from an interface, forms of interfaces for sharing code, and integration with the backend, such as SAP, Parse, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Appcelerator

Appcelerator’s main focus is on speeding the time-to-market which is for cross-platform apps. For its apps, Appcelerator uses a single JavaScript codebase. It supports concurrent mobile analytics. The setting of Appcelerator is open as well as extensible. It can construct apps for Android, Blackberry, and iOS

  • IFactr

For speedy delivery of apps,IFactr is designed. The way out can be learned with negligible spending of justice. According to IFactr developers can start thrashing out apps in a few days of training. Prototypes can also be swiftly created for quick feedback from the employees. IFactr uses Xamarin for creating iOS and Android apps. This also supports Adobe PhoneGap.

  • Alpha

Alpha centers mainly on the enterprise. It can also be used to produce cross-platform apps. These apps are for major mobile operating systems. It also functions for PCs and Macs. A current addition to the platform allows developers to create apps that can be used offline. It functions over HTML5 and JavaScript.

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