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Top 4 Crazy Fitness Gadgets Every Tech-Lover Should Have

Today’s technology is perfect for enhancing your fitness sessions. So when you are searching for personal trainers and hire a top personal trainer, you can blend technology with fitness for a comprehensive workout. Some of the most popular fitness gadgets of today are smartphones and smartwatches. If you are a fitness freak along with a tech-lover, then these four outstanding fitness gadgets are a must have for you.

Heart Rate Monitors

A heart rate monitor is a great invention and has been improving day by day. The size of heart rate monitors has been becoming smaller so that they can even fit in your smartphones and smartwatches. There are also custom heart-rate monitors for runners and fitness fanatics which fit comfortabley on arm-bands. With so many options you’re sure to find a heart rate monitor that is the perfect fit for your fitness routine.


HAPIFork monitors your eating habits and also calculates the speed of your eating. This is one of the best ways to track the amount of food you are having or if you are eating too fast. Eating your food at a rapid speed increases the risk of indigestion and can increase the amount of food you consume to an unhealthy point. So if you are conscious about your fitness, the HAPIFork is the right gadget to track your food intake and avoid health problems and weight gain.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

Since we are living in the world where everything is smart, the Digitsole smart shoes connect to your smartphone and prove to be one of the most original shoes for those interested in fitness. If you go to the gym or out for walks, the Digitsole smart shoes will track your activity and keep you updated on each and every move of yours. There is a lot of variety in Digistole smart shoes for those who love cycling, running, or just keeping their feet warm while exercising. All the information gets updated on your phone, and all it needs is a Bluetooth connection. The digit sole is an innovative fitness gadget that will motivate you to make a move and keep yourself healthy and active. Although, I personally can’t shake the question – does it add that much more value then a fitness watch?

Fitbit Fit Aria Wifi Smart Scale

Everyone knows about the brand Fitbit especially those who are really into fitness. The company has a huge product portfolio that is actually a dream for every fitness lover. The Fitbit Aria Wifi smart scale is an accurate weighing scale that offers you more information than you can ever expect from a weighing scale. The smart Fitbit Aria will inform you about all trends, graphs and, movements in your weight along with body fat percentage, BMI and lean mass. Thus, you can know all about your body with the Fitbit Aria Smart scale.

So that’s it everyone! These are our top recommendations for some of the most innovative fitness gadgets on the market right now. Of course, after finding a personal trainer near me, I found hiring a professional is the best investment I could make for my health.

What is your experience with fitness gadgets? Share your thoughts along with our article with your friends on social media.


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