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Tips on protecting your network from malware

Protecting your personal digital asset and that of your organization is not as easy as it seems. What most of us do is rely on the built-in firewall settings of our PCs and use an antivirus program and think we are good to go. Time has changed and there are lots ways a malware can enter your network and computers. Cybercriminals use malware to steal identity, take control of the network, launch an attack and steal confidential information and even bank accounts.

It is not just PCs and networks that are prone to malware attacks, mobile phones, games consoles, and routers are vulnerable too. A good thing is there are ways to protect the network from malware. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Fortify the Wi-Fi

It is great that you have changed the default user name and password to your Wi-Fi but there is more you can do. Make sure the firmware of the router is updated. Security holes within your router can allow an attacker to hijack your network and access all the machines that are attached to it. The process of updating the firmware for your router will be available on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Install a reliable anti-virus

This should be obvious but it is important to talk about it again. According to the Annual Security Intelligence Report by Microsoft, 1 out of 4 PCs in the USA don’t have an updated antivirus software which makes it 6 times more likely to get infected by a malware. It is recommended to get the right anti-malware program to protect your PC against all types of online threats and make sure it is updated as otherwise, it is of no use.

  • Patch the software in use

No matter what software you are using in the organization or at home, whenever an update is available, go for it. These updates are meant to fix the security holes. Updating can be a total pain but it is necessary if you want to stay away from malware.

  • Ditch all the outdated apps

There are certain apps we use that have reached the end of their commercial life. If that’s so, then move on. If you don’t, a hacker will be ready to pounce at you since he might have identified a new security hole that will never be patched. All organizations or business that are using any outdated apps need to switch right away.

  • Password protect your devices

All our sensitive accounts and devices are still secured with a password. So, it is highly important to choose a complicated password. The longer the better.

  • Turn on the two-factor authentication

Password protection is not always enough since smart hackers can easily crack them. You will need an additional layer of security in the form of two-factor authentication. It is a PIN code that is sent via SMS and you have to enter it along with your password. So, if someone tries to access our account from an unknown device, you will get an SMS alert. They won’t be able to break in without the PIN.

Some of these methods might be too common and that’s exactly why most of us take them lightly. If you want to stay away from malware attacks, just start today and protect your network and devices connected to it.

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