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Tips from Camera Installation Companies in Maryland on Choosing and Setting up a Surveillance Camera

It’s always best if you call the pros and let them do all the work but if you choose to install security cameras on your own, it’s good to know these few things that will save you time, money, and stress. And of course, they’ll actually do the job – prevent thieves from harming you and your property.

Choose the right type

The first and probably the most important issue is choosing the right type of surveillance. There are many kinds of security cameras today that can be used for different purposes. Most people need them and install them on the front door where they can record movement from the main entrance.

However, some properties are not completely safe in this case. If you have a larger front yard or you have back yard access, then you need some more equipment or more advanced technology that will protect you completely.

Some of the best options available today are cameras with 360 view, IP models that can record and transfer the video live over the internet to a different location where the owner can see what is going on in every moment, cameras with zoom options that are able to focus on specific points or dome models that prevent the intruders to know if they are being recorded or not.

Some of these are made for outdoor use and others are more suitable for indoor purposes. Of course, there’s no strict policy of what can be used where, but there is some general understanding about where some of them can do a better job. See this interesting article on the evolution of surveillance.

Don’t save on money

It’s important to know that this is not the time to say to yourself – I’d like something more affordable. Sure, you have affordable pieces, but if you think you’re saving and you get a camera that is not able to see the movement of the burglars at night when most of the crime happens, then why did you even buy a surveillance system?

Don’t save on money for the latest technology. There’s a solution for every possible scenario and if you really need to protect your home or other property, then get the best stuff. Some people think that just mounting a toy on your front door can turn the burglars away, but there won’t be any of these guys if they aren’t able to tell the difference between a fake and a real camera from afar.

Today, with technology overwhelming the market with products, what used to be very expensive is available for relatively fair prices. There are many companies offering all kinds of solutions. Just open the internet and look them up. On their websites, you’ll be able to find different models that can be used for different needs. Here’s an example, the Marvelouz Teknology – security cameras offer some great Wireless and wired IP recorders that are among the best on the market today.

Make a perfect positioning

It’s not just buying the surveillance system. You need to know how to position it right. It’s easy to mount cameras on the walls, they all have manuals with them, and this is pretty easy to be done. If there are cables, you just connect them with the computer inside and that’s it. But, covering the full area and having that perfect sweet spot is something that you’ll need to work on.

Like we already said, don’t save money on this. Get at least two cameras to cover most of the entrance in the object. The stats show that 34% of the burglars get inside through the front door so you definitely need one there. if you have a porch with windows it’s great if you can install a 360 degrees model to cover the whole place or at least a dome that will trick the criminals into thinking that it is faced towards them at the moment. Learn more about positioning on the following link: https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/03/10-tips-from-the-security-experts-on-setting-up-your-home-security-cameras/

Also, you need to place it on higher ground, like the second floor or a high terrace. This will keep anyone getting their hands on it and break it.

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