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The Various Benefits and Uses of 1.74 High Index Glasses and Blue Transition Blocker Glasses

Your eyes are the window to your soul and that is why the 1.74 High Index Glasses and the Blue Transition Blocker glasses are here; to help you see better. So, Do you have a +/-2 prescription? Are you self-conscious on the thickness of your glasses or better still do you wear contacts because the traditional lenses distort your eyes? If yes, is the answer to all the questions, then 1.74 High Index Glasses is the solution you have been looking for. So, what is 174 High Index Glasses?

1.74 high index glasses have a flatter curve as opposed to the 1.67 high index glasses. However, the flatter curve causes off-axis vision that is blurred but this is compensated by the optical aspheric technology that is incorporated in the design of the 1.74 High Index glasses. It is perfect for people who require high corrective lenses. So, what are the benefits of 1.74 High Index Glasses?

Benefits of 1.74 High Index Glasses

  • They are light weight and thin

They are light thin pair of glasses that is best for those with a strong prescription and are comfortable to wear as opposed to the previous bulky lenses that look strange and are uncomfortable.

  • More frame options

With 1.74 High Index glasses you have more frame options. This advancement in optics that will make you look great.

  • They work as sunglasses

Other thick and bulky glasses come with inserts to allow you to drive efficiently and enjoy the outdoor sun. But with 1.74 High index glasses you no longer need inserts because they work as sunglasses.

Blue Transition Blocker Glasses

The Blue blocker glasses are designed to protect you against the harmful blue light whenever you are outside or indoors. As opposed to clear glasses, they limit the exposure of your eyes to the harmful rays from the sun and filter the blue light from affecting your eyes.

In small portions the blue light also known as the blue-turquoise rays of light are harmful to your eyes and cause fatigue and eye strain.

Benefits of Blue Blocker Glasses

  • For the rotating shift workers they can use the blue blocker glasses at designated times so as not to allow the suppression of melatonin. By doing this they will fall asleep whenever they need to.

  • Computer workers are also able to reduce the eye strain from the blue light from the monitor.

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