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The need for Time Tracking and the tools in the age of Technology

The adage Time and Tide wait for none truly applies to the lives of each and every one of us, perhaps never more than the way it does today, there was a time when the lives of people were at a steady pace, perhaps the pace became so steady that pace picked up, lives became superfast from mundane very quickly and before man realized, things became so fast that they had to be tracked, gone were the days when the clock was looked at to measure time, now a days the clock also has become a measure for tracking and measuring productivity. Get the free timesheet software here.

The importance of Time in Professional aspects

In the arena of the service sector the business makes money via one single element – Time, this is one that tops amongst all other factors like skill, professional expertise etc. and has in this era of technology boiled down to Time so much so that not only organizations and large conglomerates but also people, everyone has a “Time Bound” goal sheet set for himself or herself. These factors both on a macro level as well as on a micro level played a crucial role on the professional front when it came to keeping a track of time, this is critical when determining the productive hours for billing and in turn disbursing salaries. Initially time tracking used to be done manually, either in registers or via the use of punching cards this was pretty good in the early days however very soon it became evident that these methods were highly inconvenient when it came to tracking accurately with registers, it surfaced that if you lost out on one register through a bunch of many, you would be left without any information for that particular bit contained in the register, or if an employee would lose a punching card, the situation would become quite difficult, moreover, in both these scenarios the possibility of having a backup created and maintained on an individual level was way tedious, hence, the quest for an easy to use, robust, accurate time keeping instrument in the initial phase led to the creation of basic time sheets that could be created, maintained and updated in an excel sheet. Slowly as the number of companies and the employees working in those companies began to increase, this method of time keeping via excel sheet too began to exhibit loopholes and inaccuracies as it was way difficult to maintain on a manual basis, this spawned the era wherein timesheets began to be available online in the form of software. Today there are a number of websites that market their own software, owing to the stiff competition, many of them provide free timesheet software.

The Benefits of tracking time in an organization

Time tracking via a software provides a number of benefits such as tracking whether time of an employee is spent in a productive manner or a nonproductive manner, this often helps in correcting the perception of employees regarding how their time is spent and also helps them out in keeping a track of their Leaves, Holidays etc.

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