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The Debate of Public Clouds versus Private Clouds

Starting a business nowadays is such an easy task. All you need to do is have the idea and you will be able to go about it. With a very small capital requirement you can create a wide array of businesses. This is all thanks to the arrival of internet technology. Basically, the only thing that you need is internet access and a device to access the internet of course plus a hosting service provider.

Creating a website is not as complicated as many people think it is. WordPress for instance has made it such a walk in the park and Cloudcone has gone ahead to simplify it even further. You can create a free site on WordPress. Alternatively, you can have website designed from scratch using WordPress as your content management system and then you get managed WordPress hosting to help you capture your data and support the functioning of your site.

The elephant in the room…

It is often a concern whether to go for a public cloud or a private cloud when building a website. The two options are definitely good and for many people the first thought would be a private cloud. A public cloud is simply as the name suggests, it is for the whole public and will often be free. You will not have to pay a dime. One the other hand, private clouds can be ridiculously costly but they tend to be more secure and if you get the service from the right provider it will also be very responsive. So now you are probably spoilt for choice, right?

Managed hosting is more often the way to go especially if:

  • You have very sensitive data like people’s credit card numbers and other personal information
  • You want to invest in quality hosting service that will translate into the performance of your website.
  • You simply like having your space

Basically, this is a situation where you lease a whole dedicate server to cater to your business’ needs. These services come in different packages to enable you to access exact solution that will meet you’re business’ requirements. Cloudcone comes highly recommended because of the wide array of packages that they offer for their clients. Regardless of whether you are looking for managed WordPress hosting for a simple blog or you need the services for an e-commerce website with hefty amounts of traffic, Cloudcone has the package for you.

What else apart from security?

Public clouds are also secure. They may not be as secure as the private ones but some public clouds are very secure. Getting hacked is not as easy as may be portrayed in some articles. However, private clouds are definitely more secure. To add onto that, you can get as much space as you want depending on how much data your business is generating and how much activity is taking place in terms of data access, storage, processing and so forth. Essentially with managed hosting you get more flexibility to do as you please in your business.

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