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The Best Sim-Only Deals 2017

A SIM only deal is a handset plan offering texts, calls and data in exchange for a monthly fee but does not come accompanied with a phone. If you are out of contract and comfortable with the phone you have, yet don’t want to upgrade to a different model, your smartest choice would be a SIM only deal. Failing to do this may mean incurring normal monthly charges from your network. Going SIM only is an ideal way of cutting expenses and saving money. 

There being many choices to make, you would also opt to sign up for minutes, data and text through a SIM only deal by purchasing a phone without a contract. This tends to be cheaper than standard phone contracts. It is also possible to pick promotional SIM deals with incentives, including free gifts or cashback. Whether you need the cheapest option or want to strike a balance between cost and allowance over 1-12 months, there is a deal for everyone. 

Best Value 4G SIM

The 4G is an ideal choice, especially because it comes with a considerable price. It is endeared for its unlimited minutes and texts, and has an 8GB data plan upfront. It also offers an extra 6GB for the following month and a 3GB after that. If you do not want to spend too much on a SIM but expect plenty of data, this is what you need as it costs about 7.99 Euros. 

12GB SIM only Deal

If you want to sign up for 12 months, there is a super deal at only 12 Euros, which is accompanied by 12GB of data. 

20GB SIM only Deal

At about 19.99 Euros, this 12-month only deal has 20GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. Consumers can use 500MB data in the EU. There is also free access to BT Sport for up to three months as well as Apple music for six months, making it one of the best EE SIM only deals. 

30GB SIM only Deal

For heavy Internet users and those who want the freedom to text as much as they like, the 30GB deal is the most ideal. It has unlimited texts and 200 minutes for only 20 Euros per month. Giffgaff’Goodybag, for instance, is a great affordable option for heavy users, especially since it offers unlimited texts, 4GB data and 1,000 minutes. 

Unlike smartphone contracts that tend to stretch to 24 months, SIM only deals are shorter. Most of them come with 12-month contracts, but you can also be open to rolling monthly contracts. The deal you choose will largely depend on the minutes and texts you need, and the data required. You also should decide if you want a 4G or 3G data. While 4G tends to be faster than 3G, it is at times more expensive. However, simply because your phone can support 4G does not mean that you have to take advantage of the connectivity if it can’t save you money. Understand that SIMs operate differently in different models and the only way to tell them apart is by size. MicroSIMs measure about 0.6” long and 0.5”, while NanoSIMsare about 0.5” long and 0.3” wide.


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