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The Advantages Of Instagram For Auto-Entrepreneurs

With nearly 800 million users worldwide, Instagram is one of the most popular social media, especially among young people. Designed in 2010 and bought in 2012 by Facebook, it opened gradually to professionals, until launching Instagram Business in 2016. At the base used by brands to develop their brand image, Instagram wishes today to become a commercial platform that facilitates the purchase of Internet users.

Instagram, What is it Exactly?

Based on image sharing, Instagram is the social network of “beauty.” It is accessible from a computer and tablet to view an account, but users should preferably go through mobile software to publish. If they still desire to use their computer, they will download a plugin and perform various manipulations.

Instagram lets users tell people about their experiences, tips and moments of life by posting photos and short videos. They can choose to distribute the content to their community (closed account) or to all users (open account).

For companies, this is an opportunity to stage their activity, to reveal behind the scenes of an event or the manufacture of a product. The goal is to show the lifestyle part of the brand by creating a real visual atmosphere.

The success of Instagram is in the fact of being able to better the excellence of the photos by playing on the luminosity and the contrasts or by applying directly any of the filters proposed by the platform.

It also makes it possible to contextualize the publication thanks to several elements: text, hashtags, mention of other accounts and geolocation.

Self-entrepreneurs: Why Use Instagram?

Enjoy the Power of Influencers

Instagram is the favorite social network of influencers related to fashion, tourism or gastronomy. Highly appreciated by consumers, they are considered as true specifiers. Followers benefit from their strong influence in working with brands.

Develop a Company’s Image

One of the most effective ways to develop a brand idea is to communicate through the visual. Indeed, it is common to say: “an image is valuable than a thousand words.” This implies that it is easier to convey an emotion to the consumer through a visual rather than text. A well-arranged visual post helps promote brands when people like these posts. Free Instagram likes can also be used to promote brand visibility.

The Disadvantage of Instagram for a Self-entrepreneur

Construct a Coherent Visual Universe

Developing a brand on Instagram is not an easy task. Indeed, the creed is “beautiful pictures, if nothing. Blur and dark images have no place on this social network. With the amount of content offered, users are very demanding and selective in their subscriptions.

To stand out and capture the attention of users, companies on Instagram must create their own style and offer very qualitative images. These must be consistent in terms of colors and style.

Finally, the use of Instagram for a professional purpose cannot be reduced to posting photos taken on the moment. The interest and the visual appearance of each publication must be reflected upstream, in order to highlight your activity. It requires being creative, applied and regular.

In this sense, Instagram is probably the most effective social network for working on your firm’s identity. It allows expressing in a creative way, the visual universe associated with your brand while staging your products or services.

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