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The 4 Common Security Camera Problems and Fixes: A Troubleshooting Guide

Security cameras are an essential surveillance component of each and every property, both commercial and residential. No matter how the house is, there is always a requirement for surveillance equipment like security cameras. Although these cameras don’t malfunction that easily, sometimes they do. The best part about the technology in such systems is that generally these malfunctions are easy to fix. Here are four of the most common problems of security cameras and their simple fixes:

  1. Incompatible Hardware Found on the Network:

This is one of the most common security camera problems as people generally mix and match security products together. This causes serious compatibility problems as it is possible that some security equipment might not be compatible with the other, even when the manufacturers try their best to make it universally compatible.

To fix this problem, you can just spend a bit more and make your entire system from one company only. Buying from a single company also ensures protection from vulnerabilities as companies generally build a backdoor like Hikvision NVR backdoor so that in case of an attack, they can easily protect your system from being totally hijacked.

  1. Open IP Connection:

It has been noticed that many individuals who set up a surveillance camera network keep the default username and password and forget to change it to something else. This maybe negligence or pure laziness, but it is highly not advised. This causes a problem to the IP connection of the camera, open to everyone in the world.

To ensure this problem doesn’t arise, go for secure passwords, which are difficult to guess. The password can contain small and capital letters in a jumbled way. It could have numbers and special character usage to make it even more difficult. This way, people won’t be able to brute force into your IP.

  1. Incomplete Surveillance Coverage:

Even if you have the best camera system in the world, you won’t be able to do much with it as sometimes, blind spots are the only thing a perpetrator needs to penetrate your home security.

This is one of the most common things that are overlooked. Therefore, ensure that your house has the best possible surveillance coverage. Ensure all doors and windows are covered in the surveillance zone so that there is no crevice through which the perp can enter your house premises.

  1. False Alarms:

This is one of the most common annoying problems when it comes to camera systems. The reason for this problem to arise is improper configuration. You need to set the sensitivity of motion detection so that the alarm doesn’t go off instantaneously. You can also use the mask feature to avoid motion detection in some areas like the outdoor tree. This ensures that it doesn’t get triggered if there is a wind waving the tree.

All these common problems can be easily fixed if you know how to troubleshoot them. Use these tricks to fix these most common problems with your security camera.

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