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Techniques of identity verification to enhance your security

The increasing fraud rate has made it difficult to depend on only the manual verification of the individual. People have made ways to fool the manual security system. The advanced technology has helped in the emergence of automated id authentication. Different companies are providing you the possible security by verifying your customers efficiently. Au10tix ID Authentication is a global leader in providing the best service to you.

The id Verification Company does the verification using various latest technologies. Some techniques are given below. You can look at them in detail:

Retina scanner

Retina scanner is a kind of biometric approach to avoid the fraud. Retina is a tissue in the eye of the human. Due to the complex nature and design of the retinal tissue, retina scanning has become a very innovative method of authentication. Even the twins do not have the similar retinal tissue. The blue print of the tissue of retina is difficult to be copied even with the help off the medical science; this unique feature of the retina scanning has made it strong authentication technique.

Iris technology

This technology of identity verification uses some amount of infrared lights with the digital cameras. This is a more unique way of verification as the iris is the most inner part of the eyes. The inner most eyes are the very sensitive organ people hardly operate them to be use for the purpose of the fraud. The mai8n benefit of the iris scanning is that it remains undamaged for longer period of time so you need not to worry about the non recognition of the iris after the longer period.

Finger print scanning

Finger print scanning is another technique to verify the person’s identity. People use finger print scanning in most of the security locks. The finger print structure of every other person is different and it is not possible to copy anyone’s finger print. And the most important thing about the finger print is that they are very cost effective. They do not need much advanced technology to capture the prints of person’s finger. Hence, you can get this identity verification system installed for your business premises security.

Signature scanning

Signature scanning is another authentication technique. In this technique, your sign is scanned by the machine. The signature scanner not only scans your sign but also checks your writing style. With the emergence of advanced signature scanning devices, it become easier to recognize the identity.

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