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Site Copy is all about Greater Than Keywords 

Let us say you’re writing a blog to sell beach homes on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

To consider good quality keywords and develop ‘Vancouver Island waterfront property’. Which means you use that term inside your title, headline and in some places within the text.

To date, so great. The saying can help you together with your rankings. And using the saying around the first screen of your house page will enable your visitors know they’re in the best place.

However for authors who focus too carefully on keywords and key phrases, there’s some risk.

 Some risk in optimizing your website permanently keywords? Yes, I believe so.

There’s a substantial distinction between the keywords that pop into visitors’ minds, and also the hopes and ambitions they carry within their hearts.

Let us consider the property example again.

 Like a potential buyer I would type the saying ‘Vancouver Island waterfront property’ in to the Search box, because that is what I am searching for. However that term does not reflect what I am feeling.

Getting a house around the coast might have been an ongoing dream. It might be something Personally i think very strongly about. Then when I come to your website, I’m searching for 2 things.

– First, the rational a part of my thoughts is searching for confirmation that the site might help me determine what I would like. Which is where using keywords and key phrases makes sense.

– Second, there’s a powerful, emotional element playing. Like a potential buyer, I’m searching for somebody who are able to assist me to fulfill my dream. Which is in which a author who focuses too carefully on keywords and key phrases can finish track of poorly performing copy.

Go ahead and, optimize your website for Google but for the rational a part of a searcher’s mind. But make sure to understand and address the emotional needs from the customer too.

Which means using keywords because the beginning point. Past the keywords, you should utilize language that addresses the much deeper needs from the readers.

Yes, know very well what Google wants. And know very well what your customer is searching for. However if you simply want results, you should also understand and address exactly what the customer is feeling and wishing for

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