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Singapore-developed app to help parents with caring for newborn babies

Singapore developed app to help parents with caring for newborn babies

Parents with newborn children are going to have the opportunity to lean on a mobile application developed in Singapore to better help them care for their baby, a huge boost to parents that are unsure of how to proceed with all of these new responsibilities.

The application has been designed in partnership with some of the leading technology companies in Singapore as well as major hospital groups, clinicians, and university researchers. Designed around the concept of “being home but never alone”, this application is 100% free of charge and provides parents with all of the information about prenatal care that they need – the kind of information that they may not be aware of in the kind of information that they may never have been provided with otherwise.

Modern parents lead to busier lives than ever before and are more connected than ever before, too

Understanding that modern parents today, especially in Singapore, lead increasingly busy lives – and increasingly connected lives as well – the developers behind this mobile application wanted to create something that would act both as an endless resource for postnatal care while also providing regular updates, notifications, and alerts timed to provide parents with the information that they need to best care for their children in as unobtrusive a way as possible.

New mobile application designed to streamline everything that new parents have to be aware of

This library of resources provides parents with information that ranges from breast-feeding to bathing a baby and everything in between. New parents won’t just find a mountain of text in this application, either. They’ll find videos, audio clips, and interactive programs designed to help them better master the skills “on-the-fly” so that they can improve their parenting abilities just as quickly as humanly possible.

This application has also been designed to be as flexible and as adaptable as possible. Not only will parents be able to utilize this application in ways that best suit the parenting style they are looking to move forward with, but the developers behind this application will also have the ability and freedom to continue to add new resources to the application as they become available. This is very much a living and breathing kind of application that will only grow to become more and more useful as time goes on.

The app has already been downloaded nearly 100,000 times

While still very much in the beta stages of development, the mobile application has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times on the iOS and Android platforms. Developers behind this application are utilizing all of the user generated content they have been provided with to make fine tuned switches, upgrades, and modifications to the program, and hope to release it to the people of Singapore – and everyone else around the world, for that matter – before the end of 2017.

There are already a handful of applications similar to this one available on the market today, but none of them have the kind of research teams and partnerships behind them in the way that this Singapore developed application will!

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