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  Optimising for Local SEO in 2017

Within the last three years it has become much easier to find local and nearby stores and businesses online. Users no longer have to contain their location in their search queries, and are able to simply search for what they want in order to be shown the nearby providers.

People simply have to search what they want, followed by ‘near me’ to see the greatest and closest results. But how do you optimise for local SEO? Keep on reading for some great tips…

Things to Note

Title tags and meta descriptions are till important

Title tags and meta descriptions should not be forgotten, these are still important for SEO and time should be spend ensuring that they’re the greatest that they can possible be. Title tags and meta descriptions should contain both the keywords that you’re wanting to rank for and the locations where you would like to rank, for example http://www.seolancashire.co.uk could consider using “SEO Company Lancashire”. Titles and meta descriptions must also be unique, compelling and descriptive when looking for the best click through rates. If you aren’t sure that you’re doing, leave this to the professionals, it will definitely be worth the money that you spend.

Keyword research

SEO campaigns cannot reach their true potential unless thorough keyword research has been conducted – You need to be certain of the best keywords to target for your business. Keywords represent words and phrases in which people search when looking for a business like yours. You should not limit the amount of keywords that you have, and shouldn’t be afraid to use locations in your keywords. A garden furniture supplier in Lancashire for example shouldn’t neglect key, broad phrases such as “garden furniture” but they should also be sure to include geo-modified keyword sin their strategies such as “garden furniture Lancashire”. Keyword research is something that you should spend much time doing, and do so on a regular basis using online tools to ensure that you are catering for the things that people are searching for.

Google My Business

Google My Business, what used to be Google Places, allows for companies to display their opening house, contact details and other information on Google Search and Maps – something which is incredibly beneficial for small and local companies. This service is completely free and won’t cost you a penny, so you’re stupid if you don’t set this up right away. You must ensure that all of the details that you enter are correct; otherwise you could face losing potential custom. Other similar services to Google My Business include Bing Places – which is also worth joining.

These are only some of the local SEO tips for 2017 too, if you would like more, don’t hesitate to browse the web or contact a reputable SEO provider today, who should be more than happy to assist you.


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