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Is the Lottery Worth Playing: ValueMags


ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company for magazine publishers. Among the many companies that participate in lottery group jackpots, ValueMags is one of them. Everyone pitching in $2 to purchase a community lottery ticket gives employees something to be excited about. Nonetheless, if they won, the company could be losing some employees along with that win. The recent Park Ridge-resident win in Chicago made employees salivate over what they could do with the jackpot. Bart Iska cashed in a $200,000 winning tickets where he matched all five numbers on his “Quick Pick” tickets on June 9th.

He is one of two individuals that won the lottery that day. He purchased it from a corner store in Stickney and the other winning ticket was purchased at a corner store in Chicago says. Issa says that he plans to invest his winnings: something many people would not consider doing. However, over the years, most people that have won the lottery have been in the middle class or even the less fortunate. Depending on their values, they would invest the money or spend it immediately. What those individuals did not understand is that one day the money would run out. Investing it would definitely be the more promising option. No doubt, one would be tempted to upgrade a couple of things.

One things that ValueMags employees are afraid of if and when they should when the lottery is the charities that will come after them. Often times, you have to collect publicly or send someone to collect for you. In other words, people will be after you or a trusted friend. To elaborate, even when your phone number is on the “no call” list, retailers or scammers will still call you. What makes individuals think that the situation would be anymore forgiving if their name was in the media associated to lottery winnings? The idea is nice but the reality may not be so nice.

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