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Important information regarding Google Web Hosting

Google is a worldwide platform for almost all the problems one can have. Now, when we are talking about Website hosting, Google is a very valuable and important option too. But there is a question at the back of your mind that says Google Web Hosting -2017- Do You Really Want Them?

To answer this, it is extremely important thatyou to understand what the features, the services and the problems related to hosting with or under Google are. It provides you with the best but is it the best according to the market or are there enough options?

Web Hosting:

This is one of the biggest hosting domains known to the world, and if you haven’t heard of it, then you are living under a rock for sure. This is the biggest and largest domain for the searches that are performed every second. With everything performed by Google, the web hosting services are not much to talk about.

One thing that is different in thecase of Google from other companies or websites is that they do not charge you for the services they provide. They have certain limits because of the free services like giving theonly 100mb for the website and also 20mb worth of attachments. For solving this issue, you might need to buy different websites and then link them at one point.

Issues with Google web hosting:

Whenever the scenario revolves around hosting for free of cost, it certainly has some serious issues. The issues can be of different types like lesser space, lesser availability of ownership or being able to create or save files. The content you will post won’t be registered under your name either, and your website will also have the huge Google logo on top.

Alternate Option: If you need an alternative but abetter option than you can always go for FatCow. They are one of the best website hosting company and since they charge you their services are customized according to your needs.

These are some of the things that you must look upon before you decide anything for your website. If it is a business website make sure to choose the best things available out there!

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