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Important features that your router should have

Internet has become a very important part of life, and in order to use internet you will need a router or modem. A decade ago a router was a simple device that would make the Web available to you. Now things have changed drastically; the best wireless routers can do a lot more than that. The high end models have some really great features that you should look for when you are shopping for a router.

Guest access for visitors

Whether you are buying the best wireless routers for your home or office, it is a good idea to buy one that allows guest access. You are wondering why you need guest access at home? Here’s why; imagine that a friend living next door came to visit, he or she asks for your wifi password and you hand it over. Next thing you know, your internet bill is through the roof. Guest access feature will prevent something like that from happening.  Some routers will even allow you to restrict the speed that your guests can use, the number of hours they can use your wifi or the time of the day when they can access the internet. For a home setup you could probably forgo this feature, but it is a must have feature for a office router.

Safeguarding your children

This feature is essential for home as well as office. At home you can restrict access to sites that are not appropriate for children and at the workplace you can manage sites that you don’t want your employees to waste time on. Different routers will provide you different levels of control, but usually a best wireless router will let you exert total control on all the computers in your network. This can be considered as an additional security blanket as accessing certain sites can make the computers vulnerable to malware and spyware.

Prioritization of programs to ensure better performance

There is just so much speed that a network provider can provide you; if there are multiple devices using the network then the speed can dwindle significantly. A best wireless router will let you prioritize certain programs, so if you are a gamer then you can set your favorite game as a priority, in an office setting, the most used application would be prioritized. You can even prioritize devices in the network if necessary.

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