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How to Prevent Hacking of Your CCTV Camera?

CCTV camera usage is on the rise these days considering the improved surveillance features that these can offer. However, as the number of these camera installations increase, so do the chances of intrusion into these systems. Most CCTV camera systems come with login credentials that can be accessed online. This increases the chances of hacking into these systems and may result in cybersecurity issues. When a CCTV camera gets exposed online so does the area under surveillance.

Here are some of the ways to prevent hacking of CCTV cameras.

Strong Password

While this may sound like a basic solution, it can work best if you are looking to ensure complete protection of your CCTV camera against any hacking incidents. Having a strong password with the right combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters can avert any potential threat. Also, try to reset the password frequently for improved security.

Malware Protection

A software that could be harmful to your machine, such as malware should be kept at bay when a CCTV system is connected to the network. Always download software that is licensed and safe to use. This way, you can protect your surveillance system against any potential hack.

Secure Network

When your CCTV camera is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, it may be prone to hacking threat. One of the ways to go about securing a Wi-Fi network is by making use of WPA2 encryption. A strong password for the network could up the overall security quotient. While your CCTV is connected to the network, it also makes sense to turn off any sharing or allowing guests on the network.

Trusted Source

While investing in a CCTV system, it makes sense to buy one from a trusted source, which offers highly secure devices. While this could mean additional cost, it can have greater long-term benefits. Some of the systems come without the requirement of passwords. While these could be convenient to buy and install, there could be a larger threat of hacking.

When you buy a CCTV camera, check for its originality, security features, and always go for a new system instead of a used one. Also, when you opt for remote monitoring, ensure that it is not for a longer duration since the system can be vulnerable to attacks. Regularly updating the system’s software for bug fixes could be another way of protecting against any hacking attacks.



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