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How to make a Smartphone Projector

Want the cheapest home theatre in the world?

Do you want to make cool things by using useless material?

Want to impress you teachers? By making amazing projects?

If you want to be creative project maker, if you want to use trash type material into handy items or if you want to do anything mentioned above, you are at right place. First of all, all you have to do is just scroll down slowly. Read carefully and implement on it to get what is delivered.

In this article we are going to learn how to make Smartphone projector. To know what exactly we have to do is, in the very beginning we have to learn how projectors work, and then you will be able to make one like them.

How Projectors work:

Projection has many types developed and discovered but in this article we will mention only two of them because we are not here to study only projectors. We want to create one so we will only collect the information that we need.

Front Projection:

Front projection is when the light is behind you and you are making images in the shape of your shadow it is called front projection.

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Back projection:

In back projection, the light and image making object is behind the screen. For instance, probably you have seen the closed window of your neighbor in the night. You can see someone is moving, leaning, or jumping but could not see the real image. It is called back projection effects.

Likewise, we have two types of projectors. The ones that work on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and others work on DLP Technology.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):

In this type of projection a bulb is set to shoot light through prism. The prism produces various colors which are sent through small LCD screens. The screens distribute those colors among the various demanding pixel areas. Then the light is beamed through a lens on to a screen where human eyes can see provided images.

DLP (Digital Light Processing):

It has some complex processes. In this light is beamed through a spinning colored wheel onto a chip that is mounted with millions of very small reflectors. The reflectors are turned on and off using electric notions in accordance with the need of colors. The image looks constant while small parts of it are simultaneously fulgurating. This technology is based on a very old technology what was first used for color televisions.

Learning about both of them is simply important. LCD is favored for better and high contrast images while DLP is considered as better useful for videos.

What to collect?

To get started you have to collect these items first.

  • Magnifying Lens:

A magnifying lens is a convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object. Commonly, the lens is placed in a frame to make it easier to hold. This glass is used to focus light on one place. Maybe your have used it to heat up a certain spot using sunlight.

  • Foam Board:

You will need a foam board to create a stand for your phone. The stand is used to place the phone at perfect angle.

  • Smartphone

You will need a Smartphone for pictures and movies. Because this is a small project we do not need any kind of huge light emitting process. That is why using a Smartphone will be the best option. You can use both iPhone and Android for the purpose.

  • Glue-sticks

We will use glue-sticks to make a homemade projector.

  • PVA Glue

Common names of this glue are wood glue, white glue of carpenter’s glue. To stick heavy or strong items together.

  • Shoebox

A shoebox or shoebox sized box for making frame for projectors.

  • Hobby Knife (X-ACTO)

A knife or cutter generally shaped like a pen.

  • Hot Glue-gun

Commonly, use to stick durable items.

  • Cutter Knife

You will need a cutter knife for cutting several needed materials.

  • Hacksaw

Another cutting tool use to cut strong objects.

  • Ruler

Ruler is use to measure certain measurements.

How to make a Smartphone projector:

  • In the starting, grab a Hacksaw to remove handle from the magnifying glass. Because in making projector we will not need its handle anymore. Remove the handle carefully from the glass. Make sure not to scratch the glass.
  • Reinforce the box carefully, to prevent it from jiggling. Because a wiggling projector will not be good enough to place at home.
  • Wait for some time, let it dry perfectly.
  • Grab the shoebox at upright vertical position. Place the magnifying glass on the centre and make an outline to make it ready for cutting. Make sure do not lose the outline it may cause some trouble for you.
  • Use that outline to cut a perfect round hole in the box. You can use XACTO knife it will be safer and better. Once hole is made successfully you can move to point 6.
  • Now position your lens in it. And glue it in right place.
  • Now, remove box cap to open the way for light. If not, it can block some important light for the lens.
  • Create a Smartphone stand using glue and foam board. Cut the foam board in a case to make a perpendicular to base stand.
  • Use a double sided padding tape to stick your phone with the stand.
  • Set your phone to higher brightness because bright the screen brighter the projection.


Once it is all done, Place it against the wall to start getting illustrations of movies and stuff (read about few top quality projectors here) . Like all the projectors. Follow above mentioned steps to develop a homemade projector for you.

If you feel any difficulty doing this, ask an adult to help you out. Try to do it as much safer as you can, because self safety should be your first priority. Enjoy watching movies and videos using your self-made projector. You can also connect audio devices for louder and better audio outputs.

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