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How To Evaluate Whether Organization Need A File Server Archiving Solution or Not

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IT organizations are presently witnessing growth in the poorly structured, file-based data that they need to store. To face this challenging situation, the need of a file server archiving solution is felt.=

Management of data

Duplication of data takes nearly twenty percentage of data allowances on the system. Using a robust and efficient data archiving solution help in identifying the redundancy in data and eliminate it. These solutions also perform efficient cleaning and purging unnecessary files and eliminate old files from servers. These duplicate and unnecessary files are then replaced by “stubs” without disturbing end-users.

https://www.mltek.software/products/archiverfs/default.aspx is a leading firm that helps the business organization to perform data archive that complies with federal regulations and facilitates their internal needs of the business.

What problems are efficiently solved by file server archive systems?

The increased amount of unstructured file data poses issues on primary disk storage mediums which are efficiently fixed by file server archive systems. Some of these issues are:

  • Excessive costs
  • Increased burden on IT administration
  • Inefficient use of storage space
  • Leading to difficulties in complying regulatory and legal frameworks with respect to retention and deletion of information
  • Wastage of disk space via duplication of file
  • Information access becomes hard

What are the benefits offered by file server archive systems?

All the above issues are solved using file server archive systems. These systems identify the fact that most “unstructured data“is not accessed by the organization on an immediate basis. Thus, one can safely move it to comparatively cheap, capacity-focused storage mediums and merge in one logical file archive that offers following advantages:

  • Quick backup of data with low requirement of space
  • Flexibility and freedom to choose any means of storage
  • Removal of duplicated files
  • Simplified structure of file management
  • Compliance and security
  • Automated deletion and retention of file
  • Reporting features as a means to display compliance
  • Better data management
  • User transparency


All these facts make one thing clear that the benefits offered by file server archive systems over other systems, will make it stay for a longer time for sure. Taking assistance of a reputed software company would help your business benefit by easy, quick, and efficient organization and retrieval of data.

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