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How Organized Is Your Event Team?

Many event organizers–especially hobbyists and first-time business owners–struggle to learn their lessons on the road. Charisma is a big part of event management success and you can get pretty far with charm and hype, but the bigger you are, the more expectations your guests, investors, and team members will have for you.

Organization skills are just like charisma; not everyone has it. Even if you have a good set of documented policies and procedures, you need a management system that can help your event succeed through high success and low performance. Here are a few ways that event staffing software can make your work and life easier as an event planner.

Stop Juggling New Hires On Your Own Time

Do you need to hire new ticket managers, concession stand clerks, information kiosk staffers, or any other general task workers? Although their jobs may be simple to explain, training a new person every time they show up at the door or give you a resume is time-consuming.

An onboarding and orientation process is best unless they’re coming to work at the emergency last second, but do you have an onboarding process? Are you explaining the job from memory, and are people actually retaining the information?

A lot of people know how to teach concepts and explain basics, but â€‹teaching is far from easy. There’s a best way to explain certain things, and when you’re frustrated, you may think that you’re explaining everything clearly when in reality, the new hires are getting a lot of rushed information. Sure, it’s a good way to find people who have the flexibility to learn on the go, but why not increase the average performance of everyone?

With event staffing software, you can load up documents, scenarios, and quick notes to make the onboarding process easier. Instead of trying to remember which forms to give to which people or the important notes and uncommon quirks that new hires may need to see, you can simply bring up the information for the employee or contractor type of your choosing.

Time Tracking

When things get hectic, it’s easy for clever people to sneak in a few hours when no one is paying attention. They could be coming in late, staying early, or just filling in some hours to take funds that you can’t take for granted.

With software that manages time punches, you can do a lot more with your team’s time. In addition to making time punches easier, you can look at hours at a glance and search for any trends that seem odd.

For security reasons, consider adding a single, simple, but secure computer at the check in area. If you require logins for each employee, and if you’re able to keep an eye on habitual tardy people or staff trustworthy supervisors to handle attendance and integrity for you, personnel management becomes a lot easier.

There are a lot of other features that can be made easier with a great set of software. Saving notes and required documents for specific venues, creating a communication log or call tree for your team, or or even working on a way to advertise your events as a team can be managed with the right tools. Get in contact with an event software team to figure out which tools are right for your events.

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