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How Do Hackers Exploit Surveillance Cameras and How To Stop Them?

Cybercrime has started reaping far more dangerous outcomes than you can think of. Hackers find multiple ways of quietly getting into your surveillance feed and then misuse the information gained in a lot of terrible ways.

  • Hackers can steal the contract and client details of your company and sell it to your competitors, causing tremendous money loss
  • Hackers can corrupt your software with ransomware to extort money and can also leak malware and viruses in your system to steal the security information of your clients and employees

These are the economic dangers that a company faces if the security cameras are hacked. But when it comes to home security, the outcomes are equally dangerous, yet of a different nature.

  • Hackers can misuse the webcam of your laptop to watch you. This is a potentially serious web stalking crime that has, in the past, led to abductions, murders, and burglary
  • There’s a constant threat that your private moments can be leaked on the internet if someone is remotely controlling your indoor security cameras

How Do Hackers Actually Gain Entry In Security Systems?

There are a lot of ways that unethical hackers make use of to illegally claw your security cameras. But the most common ones that trap most people are given below.

  • Hackers send out phishing emails with dangerous viruses like a trojan horse or ransomware. Once you open such emails, hackers get the window to launch an attack on your privacy
  • Backdoor password breach is the other most common technique using which, the hackers attempt to steal data and money

Is It Possible To Identify If A Security Camera Is Hacked?

Not easy or sure shot by any means, but there are some signs that do indicate a compromised system. The ones you can take a cue from are given below.

  • If the webcam of a laptop is hacked, the camera LED light will flicker without your command. If you notice that the webcam light gets functional even if your security system doesn’t allow so, then you’re being remotely watched
  • As far as indoor surveillance cameras are involved, automatic focus change and strange radio noises coming from the cameras are the early signs of a security breach

How To Stop Hacking?

Nothing comes with a guarantee when talking about cybersecurity. But the following ways will at least increase your security benchmark that’ll reduce the risk of cybertheft.

  • Use firewall protection
  • Change default dvr backdoor password to something unique
  • Take benefits of network testing and software testing services
  • Install antivirus in your system

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