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Halo Lights and Commercial LED Lighting

Halo lights are worthy of their name, whilst they aren’t angelic they do offer a plethora of positive features which saves money and energy whilst maximising performance levels and the alertness of your team. As you may expect, halo lights are round and rimmed, edge-lit products.

LED lights, including halo lights, are a key research and design area for commercial LED lighting specialists. They have varying wattages, colours and weights and the energy savings are incredible, products are Enhanced Capital Allowance eligible.

Companies like LED by Vision have focused on customer feedback to ensure that their halo lights, and all their lighting range, not only meet but exceed expectations.

For example, their halo lights are as slim as possible to make installation cost and time effective.

The lighting strength options are 8, 15 and 26 watts and these are available in daylight, warm and natural.

Frosted polycarbonate lenses mean an even light spread and 0% glare whilst the spring load mechanism offers security.

Essentially, these lights deliver 95% maintenance cost reductions and 75% energy savings with a 5-year guarantee.

Financial savings are just below £500 and the carbon savings are 2164kg which has led to the halo lights and the firm designing and producing them being Carbon Trust Accredited. LED by Vision are, unsurprisingly, proud of their accredited status and it is always beneficial to you and the planet to have the lowest carbon emissions possible.

These LED lights are also ESOS – Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme – compliant. This scheme is part of the UK’s commitment to Article 8 of the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive. (Brexit, Article 50 and the future have not changed this measure.)

Not every business is eligible but the ones which are will reap numerous savings in energy and expenditure. The leading commercial LED lighting firms work with ESOS lead assessors to offer the best performance fitted LED lighting solutions.

Changing your lighting has a huge impact on your business. You may not realise that anywhere up to 40% of a property’s electricity usage is for lighting so an ambivalent attitude could be costing your enterprise thousands of pounds, wholly unnecessarily.

Obtaining the correct solutions, LED lights, halo lights, panel lights or floodlights at optimum levels which encourage better performance from staff, because they are more alert, is a matter that should be at the top of your to-do list.  There is no need to diminish the quality of the light, hamper productivity or accuracy of employees.

Adjusting commercial LED lighting with sensors to work with the natural daylight can save up to 40%. Occupancy sensors can be used to detect that there is no one in a room and so no need for lighting. This can reduce energy use by approximately 30%. Emergency lighting which uses just 3 watts is another avenue for safety.

Speaking to professional and knowledgeable lighting design and installation firms ensures top level savings, a healthier planet and benefits that you can’t imagine when you stare bleakly at your current energy bills.

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