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Free Software: Startup for Windows 8.1, Data Recovery and Puzzle

Although the update on Windows 8.1 does not bring the desired Start menu, a special program will deliver it. You will also have a watchdog and a data recovery program.

Classic Shell

Although programmers with release of the update to 8.1 have resolved some issues in Windows 8, they still have not returned the Start menu. The button will appear where it was previously, but it only serves to switch to a tile environment. You can, however, activate yourself again.

Once you install the Classic Shell, it will again contain everything you’ve been accustomed to. There are three versions of the Start menu available (Windows Classic, Windows XP, and Windows Vista / 7).

MJ Registry Watcher

Some security packages, commonly called Internet Security and also firewalls, can monitor changes made to system files and Windows settings. This team informs you about a potential attack on the Windows kernel.

However, there are special applications that additionally add additional features. MJ Register Watecher is used to check the Windows system registry, which prevents program codes from changing the operating system settings. Once something has been attempted, MJ Register Watcher records it in his log. In addition, you can select a total of six security modes, which will happen in this case. The top setting will not allow any application to write anything to the registry.


If your computer reports that it cannot find the operating system, then every advice is expensive. If the fix does not cover the option to repair Windows installation by the installation media, or even the partition table has been corrupted and the disk cannot be read, then try this program. If this happen with laptop or notebook, then learn more about this program at salvagedata for advanced data recovery options.

TestDisk is designed for experienced users who know the issue of data storage on disk. It works on any PC without operating system and supports a large number of file systems from BeFS through Fat12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS to RAID combinations Linux Ext2 and Ext3 etc. All you need to do with your PC is to run some operating system from a startup CD, DVD or flash drive) and then this program. Then you follow his instructions. You can check the disk or partition on it, and you can try to recover it. A welcome feature is the ability to recover deleted data. Check out how data recovery professionals can help at salvagedata.

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