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Find Out More on the Best Archiving software from MLtek

If you are looking for an affordable archiving solution, then you should DEFFINATELY consider MLtek’s Archiving software. It is considered to be the best solutions on the market for migrating old and unused files to second line storage without the use of any sort of agents. Whatever might be the size of the file, MLtek’s archiving product enables you to flexibly transfer the old contents of your file server to second line storage in an effective manner. At last a use for that old SAN\NAS device that has been sat in the cupboard! MLtek have a range of customers, and someoof which have even deployed the solution without any dedicated storage. The solution is especially popular with companies that already have a document management system. These companies frequently don’t want to put EVERYTHING into their document management system as that would be very expensive.

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Mltek’s solution enables these companies to implement a file lifecycle policy on all of their data, without having to import masses of files into their expensive document management system.

Best Possible File Archiving Solution:

You decide what files you want to archive using a combination of file type, size and age. You can migrate these old files to any UNC path. This could be on dedicated storae like a NAS, or it could even be a new share on the live file system (compressed and de-duplicated of course).

There is full support for several Windows technologies like compression, de-duplication and even Distributed File System (DFS).

There are multiple licencing options available. There is a free tier that supports up to 5 scheduled jobs and enables 100 files to be processd each time a job runs. Then there is a subscription model where you pay for each TB of data you migrate from your live file system to archive storage each year. It’s worth pausing here for a second just to clarify this for a second..

You pay for each TB that is migrated from the live system to archive storage. Unlike other solutions you don’t pay for the amount of data sat in an archive, just the action of archiving.

And finally there are the incredible value for money ‘Perpetual’ licences. These come in Express, Standard and Datacenter versions and work on a ‘buy once use forever basis’.

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and flexible archiving solution then you absolutely should have a look at MLtek’s product.

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