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Easily Slowing Down Videos With Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a software program that is a little underestimated. This is mainly because of the huge advertising budgets used by the more powerful program developers. This software is capable of editing video without the user having advanced technical knowledge, which is definitely a huge advantage for those interested in doing projects for school, work or personal use.

While there are different features that could be presented with Movavi Video Editor, one you surely want to know more about is the slow motion effect. This allows you to create that extra atmosphere that is so perfect for directors or even regular users. If you want to know everything about how to slow down video with Movavi Video Editor, you can visit this URL: http://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-slow-down-video.html. The basics that you should remember are the following.

Easy To Use Effects

In Movavi Video Editor you just need to open the program and then select the video parts that you want to edit. In our example, we focus on slowing down video. When we want to select a part of the video you are to slow down, just highlight it with the mouse. Then, on the selected video, you go to the Effects Menu. Then you choose the slow-down effect. The next step is to just choose parameters associated with the slow-down effect. As a result you end up with that great slow-down video that creates a perfect atmosphere.

Numerous Options Available

You can always go for various different effects added to the same video or part of a video. In the slow-down effect part a problem might be that you do not like the audio that appears as that is also going to slow down. A great thing you can do is to add audio to the video. No matter what you want to add, it is easy with Movavi Video Editor. Browse through the various different effects and transitions that are available.

On the whole, Movavi Video Editor allows you to really quickly slow down video and make the clip so much better. You can use the other features as you see fit and end up with a clip that you are definitely going to appreciate more.

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