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Devices that will come handy in your office.

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Be the boss you wanna be in office. Turn heads with your super cool gadgets and devices at your workplace. There is no question of whether you should get these because you have no other way without these. So, let us get you started.

Clip-on cup holders.

Be honest and tell us how often have you spilt your coffee, juice, water or whatever that is you enjoy sipping on? More than a few times, right? So, we have come with a solution. Choose these clip-on cup holders that will keep your beverage safe and far away from your computer, papers, phone, in short everything.

Window Mounted Solar Charger.

Looking for a free plugin and around your desk every time your phone’s battery is draining is a hectic task. These chargers, fortunately, don’t run on electricity and that is why they don’t need plugs. What is it you will do with these? Stick the solar charger on an adjacent window and charge whichever device that needs charging. The best news is it saves energy and doesn’t cost much.

Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker.

You don’t worry about sitting and standing upright any more. This is going to be your new best friend. Fix it to your shirt, bra straps or undershirt. The second you slouch, this small device will start to vibrate. That is going to be your indication to correct your posture. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Link it to your smartphone and track your posture. If you shop at couponhub.ca then you will get the chance to win great deals and offers.

BOSE Quiet Comfort 35 Noise Cancelling Headphones.

If you too are tired of the noises around you in office and desire the peace you crave. Then, this is the way to go my friend. Done with everyone’s jibber-jabber? Put on these beauties that will cut out every sound around you. It will be more or less like achieving Nirvana. If you don’t already have these, it is high time you do.


With the help of your pores on your skin, this tiny beauty can tell whether or not you are stressed. And if you are in office the chances of being stressed will be way too high. So, allow this device to cool you down and take the steam off. It will guide you how you can de-stress your way to solitude.


There are very few beauties in the technological world like this one here. You won’t have to head towards the cafeteria for a hot cuppa. Controlled by your smartphone it can keep your beverage hot at the temperature you want. You can even do it when you are not in close proximity of it. How cool is that?

Multi Laptop Windows.

If you too are not satisfied with one screen then go for as many as three. Manage and work on projects like a boss with three adjustable and affordable screens.

Bamboo Folio.

Are you in love with your creativity? Even if they are just doodles? How about something that can serve the purpose? We have for you Bamboo Folio. This smart pad allows you to bring out your talent on pen and paper. So, doodle away my friend. Another great feature of it is it saves every creativity from your genius head on Cloud. Bamboo Folio is perfect for digitalising your notes.

Ross Gardam Polar Desk Lamp.

More than a few times you have to pull-up an all-nighter in office. For that, this is the lamp you will be needing. It is designed in a way that it will boost the different phases of the moon. You can even cherish the feature of shade and light.

Light Phone.

Are you tired phone vibrating every other second? Switch to this slim and lighter model of a phone that ensures to keep you away from fuss. It is as slim as a card. Many of us have a work phone. But, this is something that is brilliant so choose it and stay away from all the distractions.

MymanuClik Wireless Earphones.

What do you think they can do? Starting from translations to reading your texts, mails, it can do everything. So, enjoy music, letters, documents and any other language with ease.

With the gadgets mentioned above, your office won’t be a place that you will be dreading anymore. Pick one or all of them and make your life easier, happier and more fun.

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