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Danger of Fake MicroSD Memory Card and Data Recovery

MicroSD cards are a little wonder of technology. With a size smaller than a fingernail, they can currently store up to 512 GB of data on your smartphone! Did you know that a good part of these cards ask to be faked?

False Microsd without any memory chip

If you were the victim of a fake, beware! Any data you write to the MicroSD may be corrupted, or worse, they may not have even been written to the card.

In the case mentioned, when inserting the MicroSD in the smartphone it will be recognized correctly. When taking pictures or shooting videos, they will appear on the screen until the device is turned off! This type of counterfeit card uses the smartphone’s RAM memory to temporarily store the files and does not record anything on the memory card, making the person think that everything is OK with the device.

Fake Microsd with ability to label

Usually fake cards are presented with a very large storage capacity (64, 128, 256 or 512 GB). If you find such a device at a ridiculously low price, they will certainly be fake and their actual capacity will be much lower. A 512GB device may actually have only 2GB of actual capacity. Until you complete the actual 2 GB, everything will go well and the data will be complete. When you exceed the actual capacity, all data will begin to get corrupted or even everything can be erased.

When there is loss of data on counterfeit devices, it is usually not possible to recover any data. In some cases, a partial recovery may be made up to the limit of the actual storage capacity of the device.

You can check if your card has this problem by filling it with videos to complete its storage capacity. On a 64 GB card, burn 32 2 GB files. After recording, move the files to your computer and test them one by one. If only one part open properly, your card is fake. To find out what the actual capacity is, repeat the procedure with 32 GB, 16 GB, 8 GB or less until all recorded and then moved videos are complete.

Final tips

What we can recommend is always to get your MicroSD from a reliable source.

If by chance you are using a low quality MicroSD card and you have lost some important data, we recommend looking for data recovery options at salvagedata.com

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