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Cyber Stalking: Crime In The Digital World

Any person, who is not essentially living under a rock, can explain all about the benefits of being connected to the world via satellites, undersea cables and optical fiber networks. However, the fact that this same connected media is a perfect breeding ground for individuals or groups harboring malicious intent is seldom mentioned, or referred to while speaking on the subject. By choosing to avoid the looming threat, the civilian users, and the society at large is largely unprepared to tackle or even identify the threat in its current form.

Birth of a New Criminal Media:

Digital media is perhaps the most perfect media to propagate crime. The concepts of digital masking, ability to hide the faces behind a network of almost half the world population, and the lethality with which criminal activities can be carried out with an increasing possibility to sneak away make the digitized media even more scare. Unlike the society, where law enforcement agencies are physically present to deter and even prevent crime from taking place, the digital media doesn’t have any police unit to respond, deter, or prevent crime from occurring.

Instead by devising a series of framework, and keep in place checks and balances, the digital network is contended with a mere list of provisions which would guide the users. Whether the users or criminals are abiding by these frameworks is very little known, thus creating a perfect media to get away with a crime.

How the Internet Points out the Accused?

Filtering out the computer or the precise address in which the computer is located is a time consuming challenge, without any fixed hope for success. In the digitized world, falling behind by even a few minutes can be disastrous. Random segments of code, which can filter out commands with destructive end-results, are used. However, these all fall woefully short of the projected success rate observed in the society outside.

Choosing to nurture the Criminals:

Unlike the physical realm, the digital world requires a much more concerted effort to locate, and bring the offenders. Even then, setting up charges in accordance of the land where the convicted was arrested as well as the area where the damage was done, is a job far from easy. Sifting through tons of paperwork, the whole procedure of bringing the offenders to the light of justice remains somewhat sketchy and very little understood by observers.

The Risk Posed by Online Criminals:

Imagine someone with enough knowledge and resources, who can virtually gather every single piece of data regarding your life by a simple free background check, manipulate the data, create an impersonating figure, and snatch your whole life away from you, all in front of your eyes without even having the means to take down the culprits using conventional laws, or police. As the challenged had evolved to incorporate the best of technology, so should the enforcement agencies develop strategies to counter such moves? However, the will to push this through the tunnels of policymaking is a resource intensive effort which requires participation from all stakeholders, which would lead the world to be a better place.

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