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Civilians In Ukraine Lose Money & Personal Information To Hackers

Of all the cyber attacks that took place in any part of the world, maximum had links from Ukraine in one way or another. The latest incident came to light when the police in Cherkasy region came across cyber attack which affected many individuals and businesses. The initial investigations claim that the attack was carried out in the month of June, and hackers targeted thousands of systems from over 60 countries. The reports also claimed that hackers had moved about £8000 in bitcoins from one of their accounts to another. Not to mention that this was the same account which they earlier used for accepting ransom amount in the past.

Hackers Real To Step Down

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The investigation team found out a message from hackers which claimed that they were ready to step down and decrypt all the computers which got affected by the cyber attack. The message further stated that these hackers wanted a one off payment of £200,000.

In order to protect civilians rights, the government had deployed a research team to look into this matter and find out the actual motive of the attackers. The team figured out that hackers’ demand of decrypting all the systems in return for a one-time payment was just a way of diverting government’s attention. In reality, they wanted to carry out a mass cyber attack so that tens of thousands of civilians could suffer.

Road Ahead

So far, many businesses and individuals have lost money, bank account details and other information which can be used against them in the future. Anastasia Date Network, one of the victims of this crime, lost over 500 of its partners after the attack. And it is not alone; there are many others who have suffered heavy losses due to this cyber attack.

The police have already started the investigation, and believe that the culprits who carried out this cyber attack will be caught soon. They are likely to put behind bars for a minimum of three years. People are requested to maintain their calm and support the government in the investigation.

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