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Choosing the Right Surge Protector for your TV

It tends to be troublesome finding the right surge protector for your needs at a good value, mostly because people don’t talk about it frequently. What makes a surge protector a perfect fit for your needs? Furthermore, for what reason are some surge protectors much more expensive than others? Are there any features you ought to pay special mind to? The following article aims at explaining the various factors you should consider when buying a surge protector.

Indicator Lights

Surge protectors only have a constrained lifespan depending on how regularly they are put to work. Notwithstanding that when the surge protector correctly diverts a surge so your electronics aren’t damaged, the protector itself can be damaged simultaneously in the process. This means that an indicator light is one of the most important One of the most important features of a surge protector. A green or customized indicator light will let you know that your surge protector is working. When the indicator light is not working, it is time to buy a new surge protector.

UL Rating

Concerning assurance control, good surge protectors will come with a UL rating. This is a rating put out by the independent Underwriters Laboratories that tests the safety and wellbeing of electronic devices. Try not to waste time assessing a surge protector that does not have a UL rating. Moreover, ensure that the product is a transient voltage surge suppressor. This is because many UL-rated power strips lack surge protection. Some TV manufacturers recommend the most favored UL rating for their models. For instance, LG TVs have their own UL rating of the appropriate power surge protector.

Clamping Voltage

The clamping voltage is the estimation that prompts the surge protector to start diverting the excess power away from the connected to gadgets. In other words, a surge protector with a lower clamping voltage will trigger early, thus better ensuring your gadgets are safe. Any surge protector with a clamping voltage below 400 volts should sufficient for home use.

Joule Rating

This is the maximum measure of energy the surge protector can absorb or protect your devices from electric upsurge. In the event that the surge breaks this maximum, the surge protector is rendered useless. The higher the joule rating, more energy will be absorbed by the surge protector. Therefore, a higher joule rating indicates a longer lifespan for a power surge protector. For best household protection, it is better is you considered a surge protector with a joule rating of not less than 600.

Response Time

The response time is what extent it takes for the surge protector to detect a surge in the flow of electricity. A lower value of time translates to a faster response. This reduces the time that your connected devices are exposed to the power upsurge. Ideally, you will want a surge protector with a response time of not more than one nanosecond.


If you have ever experienced a power surge at your house, then you might concur with me that it is important to have one at every wall socket. Otherwise, you can buy appliances with inbuilt surge protector. The benefits of a power surge will outweigh the price. After all, it is true that the LED TV price is far much to incur than a simple cost of a power surge. It may be expensive but using it will save more expensive electrical appliances in the house.

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