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Best Free Tools To Create Compelling Infographics

Infographics has turned out to be the most alluring and fascinating thing of digital marketing. Where creative videos have attracted thousands of viewers over the internet, captivating and innovatively designed infographics have taken up the marketing industry single-handedly.

However, many designers working at Web Design Company in London comes across trouble of sketching out a compelling design. As an infographic involves the art of leading line and creating flow using pictorial form, one should make use of advance tools to make the piece interesting and engaging.

No need to spend huge sum in buying expensive tools and software when the browsers are flooded with best-in-class tools. Check out the list of free designing tools below:

  1. Canva Infographic Maker

It is a powerful tool, which is easy-to-use software available online. It is suitable o=for every kind of design work, whether you are planning to design a brochure, leaflet, infographic, or an email template. It is well equipped with a huge library having various icons, features and fonts.

Moreover, the infographic maker available on the site makes it possible for users to create a compelling piece using thousands of free samples, icons, design templets and innovative features.

  1. Visualize

The software provides a set of professional tools to create a unique corporate asset. It has a number of features that creates a simple, straightforward and most-captivating marketing asset. Just by a single click, you can quite easily sketch out an engaging infographic.

  1. Google charts

Google can never be left behind when it is about innovation and creativity. The Google’s chart enables a number of tools, which are powerful, unique, simple to use, plus they, and free. Anyone can select from a huge variety of charts and plan to configure their extensive set having options to match with the site perfectly. If you connect the data in real time, Google Charts becomes the most perfect infographic generator.

  1. ly

The free web-based tool for infographic offers dozens of free templates for starting one off. These are easy to customize. You can have the access to a huge library of assets like arrows, connector lines, and shapes. You can easily customize the text by using a range of fonts, text styles, colors, and sizes. The tool can also let you post your own designs, graphics while positioning them by using just one touch.

  1. Piktochart

Piktochart is that infographic and demonstration tool which can turn boring data, by simply enabling it into an engaging infographics by a couple of clicks. The tool is a custom editor, which let the user perform functions like, upload basic shapes, modify color schemes along with fonts, and insert pre-loaded graphics / images. The grid-lined templates available on the server also make it easier for aligning graphical elements along with resizing images in a proportionality. Moreover, there is a free version, which offer three basic themes including a lite pricing plan at a reasonable price of $15 per month.

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