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What Are The Best Analysis Tools That Help In Increasing The Performance Of IBM I Applications

No matter you’re just starting with your IT business or are a successful business, if you use an IBM I operating system, you need to develop a deeper knowledge about the different ways in which you can modernize the apps that you use in order to maximize profit. Whilst there is a bundle of production and analysis tools that help in the organization, management, and documentation of apps, it is the analysis tools by Fresche that are the worthiest of all; hence need a mention. Read through the guide given below to learn more about how these tools help in increasing the productivity of IBM I apps.

6 Best Analysis And Production Tools To Improve The Productivity Of IBM I Applications

  1. Fiserv Analysis – Fiserv is a very critical analysis tool that helps in improving the quality of the code. Also, it is beneficial because it helps during the audit of codes
  2. Application Documentation – Application documentation is a widely pronounced solution that can help you in analyzing and describing your IBM system in layman terms. Since the features become easy to understand, they can then be shared within different departments including the IT coders that are skilled in older computer languages like COBOL and RPG
  3. Impact And Data Analysis – Impact and data analysis is a very critical tool since it helps in evaluating the complexity of all apps in all the databases running in your system. These statistics can then be used to manage applications in a better way to improve the quality of the codes
  4. Business Rules Analysis – Automated tools for organizing business rules under easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember names are very helpful. It is because when all business rules are stored in one repository, the process of locating them and rewriting or auditing them becomes least painstaking
  5. Field Expansion And Resizing – Automated database resizing is far more efficient than manual resizing. It is because when done with automated tools, there’s no room for human errors. Besides, using automated tools for resizing helps in analyzing the impact of resizing on IBM I apps
  6. Test And Data Automation Tools – These tools aid the purpose of advanced testing to test the quality of the codes. Nathless, it helps in finding out if the apps have become obsolete and require modernization

To conclude, when you choose a good company to buy analysis and production tools and services for improving IBM I apps, you end up investing money in the correct hands.

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