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Benefits Of Magento Over Other Open Source Platforms

Magento is one of the most prominent open source e-commerce solutions, having many only one of its kind features. Yes, there are many platforms to develop e-commerce sites, but Magento in the last few years has emerged as the first choice as it is flexible, robust, and scalable. Plus, Magento is more SEO-friendly in comparison to other platforms. Roll down and take a look at some of the reasons to consider building your ecommerce website using Magento:

  •    With Magento site development, the same site can be accessed from all portable and nonportable devices such as the personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.  Therefore, it is a perfect solution to target a large consumer database.
  •    The flexible pricing aspect of this open source platform allows both established and startups in the field of e-commerce companies to efficiently create a variety of promotional offers, and improve their lead conversion.
  •     Magneto’s advertising tools offer the user-friendliness and functionality to amplify up your online sales.
  •    It’s an SEO friendly and offers enhanced store performance with the incorporation of website optimizers, and Analytics.
  •    It is a great catalogue administration as it enables the site consumers to browse through the catalogues as well manufactured goods in real time.
  •    It automatically detects desktop and mobile browsers, and moreover shows the mobile optimized version of an e-commerce website when using phones. And in a nutshell, it offers the full website catalog for desktop or a smaller selection customized for phone users. And, have user-friendly payment option too.
  •    There is no requirement to sign up to buy a product with this open source platform.
  •    Magento presents multiple payment selections integrated with it.
  •    Magento supports approx 60 language and several multiple currencies, and taxes.
  •    Customers can ship products to multiples addresses in his order. And, also display real-time shipping rates
  •    There is a choice to save items to a wish list by your potential consumers, which can share with friends and families too.  They can access and edit their profiles.
  •    Your customers can view orders, invoices, shipment details for sales orders, and refunds. They can also re-order previous order from their profile account, while administer can securitize the full order histories.
  •    Magneto sites allow your potential customers to track tracking information and order status. Also, submit requests on the contact page.

Magento enterprise design- A trend

In the last few years, one update of Magento which has created a buzz and taken the market of e-commerce industry by storm is the Magento enterprise design edition. It provides higher performance and scalable solutions for large and budding companies.  These high-end platforms present business-class unique features and functionality, as well the plasticity required to build an e-commerce site specifically for your needs. It also helps you to drive quality traffic to your online store, and transform your visitors into buyers.

They above are some reason why you need to consider using Magento enterprise design to build an online trade site within no time.

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