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Bell Breach Exposed Over 1 Million New Email Addresses

Bell a trusted phone company but not liked company has told its customers that there has been a privacy breach exposing over 1 million new email addresses to phishing and spam. When something like this happens to a large Canadian company like Bell, the removing complaints from Google company can come in and help Bell with this issue. Already Bell is the cheapest yet worst phone company you can deal with and then as a Bell user you find out that your email is probably one of these leaked emails. Not to mention, there has also been 1400 names and phone numbers released and so far no notice of any credit card fraud or numbers released. There has been an estimate that suggests only 60% of the leaked email addresses haven’t appeared in other data breaches before.

Even though it is only an email that was breached, it was by spammers and phishing attackers that potentially have over one million new email addresses at their disposal. It is important as a consumer, especially Bell consumer, to look out for any suspicious emails or just to be extra safe, call Bell before even opening an email sent by them. Sometimes just the click on one email can lead to another WannaCry Ransomware attack especially if the email is demanding information. Immediately call your Bell provider if something fishy appears on your email or even if you get a call that doesn’t seem like it is from Bell. Use common sense and be vigilant about the links you click and the attachments that you open. If your email address has been leaked in a previous data breach, it’s a good idea to change the password to your bell account too just in case something else happens. It is important to change your Bell password and other passwords that may be the same since these hackers will be able to access it since they now have your email and password (most people use the same email and password for everything so be careful).

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