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Basic Web Designer Mistakes You Should Take A Look At

This year, a lot of businesses both big and small uses a website to further increases their presence online. However, depending on their web designs if it will make or break the things they wanted to achieve.

They are lots of online tutorial and contents that advise what to do to make one’s website a star among others. But, they fail to point out what matters when it comes to developing a good site. If you have decided to create your website and wanted to do it on your own, here are some of the web designers mistakes and avoid them at all cost.

Not Telling the Users What Your Business Do

Once a user visits a site and the fails to catch the attention of that user on the things your business do, most likely, that user will end up clicking the back button and leave right away. It is essential that your websites homepage or landing page be able to deliver to your users what’s your business precisely is offering either its a product or services. It is also wise to add some features that will further entice the user to stay longer by showing them good testimonials and positive reviews from your previous customers and business affiliates.

Not Making Your Website A Mobile Friendly One

Nowadays, it is imperative that your website is mobile friendly. Millennial generations use smartphone and tablets more than using a desktop computer. Not making your site a mobile friendly one will only cause a bad user engagement since it will be difficult to browse your site using smartphones and tablets. You will also get penalized by popular search engines such as Google, and it will dramatically affect your overall search rankings.

Not Optimizing Your Website Properly

Many users will agree that when a website takes too much time to load, they will leave that website and look for another that loads faster. Make sure not to use too many animations and irrelevant plugins and images to your site. Keep only the things that you need, keep your design catchy but simple at the same time.

Not Making Your Website A User-Friendly One

Users tend to like a website that they can easily use and explore. Make your homepage organized and able to tell your users what you are offering and able to suggest what’s the next page they should go. Every page should be clear and informative. Create contents that are relevant to your readers, useful and engaging.

Not Properly Managing External Links

Contents are King, and they are vital for a user engagement to become a success. However, inserting too many external links will only encourage your users to leave your website. Link building is good for a good domain authority rank, but too much connection will also do no good for your website. Also, it is better to avoid placing social media icons on top of your every page as it also encourages the users to leave your site.

There you have it, these are the common mistakes we designers have done this year, and better avoid them at all cost. Make sure to contact website design NYC for professional ideas.

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