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Analyzing Surveillance Data with VMS Technology

Video management software/systems are the way of the future. Former systems of analytics need to stay in the past where they belong. Video analytics and security operations have moved on.

Now, video analytics provide informative, far-reaching, and precise insights that are exponentially better than video analytics ever have in the past. Rather than wondering if we should use VMSs, we now focus on how and where they are best implemented.

The two main options are edge-based and server-based analytics.

You can run an IP camera at the edge of your network, or you can install the analytics software on a centralized server where all the cameras would be feeding their information to.

Analyzing your data is easier than ever with Qognify surveillance software—and any other modern video management software.

One of the first things you need to do to make the most of your VMS is to figure out what applications the cameras will need to run. Cameras often don’t have a lot of processing power, so you have to choose very carefully which applications you use.

Your servers also need to be easily accessible, because you want maintenance crews to be able to reach them without too much difficulty. The camera’s level of self-sufficiency is important to consider, because cameras and servers often need to be run in remote areas for long periods of time.

Another thing to choose is how reliable the cameras are. What’s more important: video quality or processing power? Certain cameras can’t handle analytics applications, but you can give them on-board processors. Cameras can provide uncompressed, high-quality video, but if their processor isn’t very strong, they can’t support themselves. One of managing reliability is by creating limits for how many cameras there are per server. Server-based solutions are on the whole a very reliable option, but the video streams may not be of very high quality.

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Bandwidth connections that are low should use analytics on the edge. The analytics take place inside of the camera, and if something important happens, it will send an alarm to the center where the information is redirected to so that all of your videos and data are in one convenient location.

You should also consider substitution capabilities. Being able to substitute or switch out analytics is useful as you and your company’s needs shift. Software is generally easy to replace, unless the analytics are embedded within the camera. If you don’t like a specific type of analytics software, you’ll most likely have to switch brands and cameras entirely, because many manufacturers use the same software across the board for all of their related products.

Keep in mind that being able to install something easily is also a factor to keep in mind, as well as your cameras’ carbon footprints.

Now, here’s the part no one wants to think about: price and total cost of ownership.

The placement of your analytics impacts power, cooling, and rack space. An IP camera doesn’t need rack space, uses very little power, and doesn’t need an additional cooling mechanism. Every piece of equipment has a different price and a different cost of ownership. Some things are easy to maintain and don’t need a lot of frills. Other things, however, need lots of power, lots of cooling equipment, and lots of space. It’s just how electronics work. You never know how big or needy they’re going to be.

And this doesn’t even take into account application software prices. Analysis, checking for anomalies, generating alarms, recording metadata—these are all different things your equipment will need to be able to do.

When it comes down to it, every company will have different hardware and software needs. It’s up to you to do the research and ask for help as needed. Call Qognify and get a free, personalized quote today!


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