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5 Ways to Improve your Online Presence through Backlinks

Link building is one of the most popular SEO services. It is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and position your company as a market leader. This boosts traffic to your website, and improves your page rank such to position your brand at the top of search results for a specific query phrase.

Here are five proven digital strategies that always work

– Contests and giveaways

Your products could be great giveaways, but you may also consider experiences as prizes. For example, if you run a fashion store, offer giveaway tickets to a prestigious fashion event locally or abroad. The contest prize should have a great return on investment by generating sufficient exposure for your brand. To get backlinks from the main news websites, send a press release to newspapers and magazines and link back to your contest page. Additionally, ask bloggers to share the contest. You may have to give an incentive for bloggers to share their online market with you. Event sponsorship, listing on events websites, affiliate marketing are other sources of backlinks for contests.

– Infographics

The internet thrives on fresh articles and blog posts. Infographics are essential in content marketing because they provide an appealing layout that makes it easy to consume information therein. Visual appeal and original facts and figures are two elements that make great infographics. There are so many ideas to implement. For example, it could be a map showing product purchase patterns in the country. Bloggers, influencers and news channels will help you share information while linking back to your website as the original source of information.

– Testimonials

Most people forget the power of a testimony. To differentiate your brand from other Australian businesses, leave testimonials on the pages of your suppliers. A testimonial boosts credibility of the supplier, and gives you a link back to your website. As a visitor follows the link from the supplier’s testimonials page to confirm whether the supplier is lying, you get one new page view.

– Resource pages

An SEO agency can help you get backlinks from the resource pages of regional guides. It could be a city guide book or directory. The SEO expert lists your company on a relevant directory or listing page with a title and description that explains everything about your brand. Other sources of backlinks are resource pages of institutions.

– Broken links

The SEO agency uses special tools to find broken links on high authority websites. This, combined with analysis of a competitor’s broken links, generates a variety of link building opportunities. Next, the team evaluates the quality of the link source, and then sends a request to the website administrator requesting to amend the broken link by linking to a relevant page on your website. You could have specific blog posts written about the topic intended to draw traffic from a previous broken link.

With these five tactics, there is every reason to see an increase in traffic to your website.


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