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5 Ways to Boost Your Online Exposure and Visibility

Your online presence is important to you. It doesn’t make a difference if you are trying to promote your services online using the top SEO strategies or if you have a blog about local businesses in Melbourne if you are online there is some expectation that you want people to see what you have to share. In some cases, it can be as simple as sharing the content with the right people to start getting views of your website or blog.

Local businesses owners will usually turn to professional SEO agency for help with their online reputation management, and this can be a profitable and logical direction. However, for some people who are not making money online, it does not make sense to spend money out of pocket for some simple traffic results. This is why I offer some easy to implement actions that can boost any website’s traffic in rather a short period. Remember, the key word here is “action,” if you don’t take action; the knowledge shared below is useless.

5 Ways to Boost Online Exposure and Visibility

  1. Make Your Website Accessible

Building in accessibility options and making your mobile site friendly can instantly boost your visibility to those that have special needs or who are using mobile devices to view your website. Mobile responsive designs are more than just a buzz word these days.

  1. Don’t Discount Social Media Outlets

Many great social media websites can offer you a lot of interaction opportunities, and this is not just limited to the big three. Looking for new smaller pockets of people who are interested in your topic is a great way to find some new visitors, and on most of these sites, you can even grow your micro-communities of followers to continue growing your brand even if your brand is you.

  1. Lock In Your Name Spaces

This is something that many webmasters, marketers, and bloggers in Melbourne will wait to do and that is a big mistake. There are many big name sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more that you may use down the road, and there is no reason to wait to create your accounts. Go ahead and lock in the username that is relevant to your site and makes sure to put your web link in your profile. These are high PR backlinks that can help grow your website’s authority even before you become an active member of these sites.

  1. Take Guest Posts If Possible

If you can find people who are interested in writing a guest post for your site or blog you will not only grab up some free and hopefully useful content, but you will also position yourself for a unique type of traffic another just dream of. Free viral traffic is often created by guest posters because everybody loves to share what they have written. No need to ask, most writers will simply do this to show off what they have done automatically.

  1. Fix On Page Errors

The fact that Google loves fast loading, clean layouts, and error-free pages should let you know that getting your website up to date and streamlined should be one of your first steps, sorry for listing it last here. Many free online tools can help you do this, so take advantage of them and reap the rewards.

For the best results work each one and then rinse and repeat. If you have more than one web presence, it is suggested to focus on the main web property at a time for focus’ sake. Being active in online communities is a great way to run into the right people to help you continue to grow; after all, online relationships are the root of word of mouth and traffic! You can also visit Truelocal.com.au, to get the best SEO services at an affordable cost in Melbourne. They will also advise you on matters concerning SEO.

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