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5 Tips to Help You Stay Within the Speed Limit While Driving

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One of the several bad driving habits that could be fatal to drivers and innocent pedestrians is over-speeding. Safety on the road is very important and should be cautiously observed because a mistake on your part will most likely affect someone else nearby. But how do you drive within the stipulated speed limit at all times? We all know how tricky it can get, how easily we can get distracted, how without even realizing it we can steadily accelerate beyond what we should. It’s tempting, it happens, many times not deliberately but these few tips from the reputable speed signs company, Traffic Logix will go a long way to keep us alert and help us jeep within the limits.

#1: Always look at your speedometer

The speedometer is there so that you can know how fast you’re moving. It’s true that a lot of people start driving and get to their destinations without looking at the speedometer even once. You slowed down a little, you may still be going too fast. Make it a habit to glance at your speedometer every now and then especially when you alternate highways and street roads or enter a different area.

#2: Driving signs do speak

You can very well pass by one without knowing if you’re absent minded. As you alternate between roads, deliberately look out for signs that tell you the speed limit. Expect to see them and you will. Even within the same area, one street sign may say 40mph and the next says 30mph as the speed limit. Usually, they are installed at road junctions as one road changes or leads to another so that you know from the onset.

#3: Don’t make assumptions

If at all you want to assume, assume the speed limit is lower than you expect. It’s general for example that streets having street lights have a speed limit of 30mph, this is however not always true as it can be as low as 15mph in some cases. Still, it is safe and also recommended to drive at or below 20mph in residential areas because of the fact that children are out playing.

#4: Avoid distractions

Talking to a friend, drinking, listening to the radio, looking at something going on out the window, or music is common things that distract drivers. Whatever would distract you should be avoided as much as possible.

#5: Leave earlier than you normally do

This is a tested and confirmed tip that has been experimented by many. When setting out for work or for a journey, leave early so you are not tempted to speed too fast because you’re trying to be early. Plan ahead of journeys and ensure you give yourself enough time so you don’t need a reason to be tensed and speed up. The fact that you’re leaving early alone makes you feel relaxed and reduces your chances of driving too fast.

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