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5 Points to Note while Creating a Coming Soon Page

What goes into a viable coming before long page? With the correct blend of components, you can have a ground-breaking strategy for kicking off the accomplishment of your customer’s site or your own business website even while you are really busy building it.

You can create coming soon pages with HTML or with the help of tools. If you are a WordPress user, you won’t need to worry. You can try Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

If you are ready to create a coming soon page, we suggest you to include these things to get a better result. Here we go with 5 must haves of an excellent coming soon page.

  1. Countdown Timer

Your coming soon page should have a countdown timer. Telling your guests that you have a set dispatch date manufactures expectation for your website launch. It likewise tells them how far away they are from release. Keeping their gathering of people insider savvy is vital on the off chance that you really need a great launch for your customer.

  1. Collect Email Address from the Beginning

If I see an interesting website to launch and if it seems worth to me, then my search begins for an email newsletter says the website is opened for me. Here comes the importance of email collection.

On the off chance that you set up a coming soon page, make certain to have an email collecting box, so you can send an email once the site is full ready. This initial traffic could be make the you a positive think about your website.

  1. Add Social Media Pages

I believe both search engine traffic and Social Media traffic are important for the business. That’s why we recommend you to add Social Media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn to the coming soon page. Once your site is up, you can easily notify your fans through these pages.

  1. Offer Something to the First Visitors

Offer something special for your first visitors. This could help you to grab visitors’ attention and a huge chance to get some businesses. You can utilize the coming before soon page as an approach to offer a presale or early appropriation rebate on the item your going to launch. If you have a physical business, you can even show Google Maps on the page.

  1. Add an Interesting Video

Video is more engaging than images. I don’t like to watch 10 images or a slideshow to know about the things. Instead I prefer to watch a 1 or 2 Minutes video to know all things about any product or service that going to launch soon.

We highly recommend you to note these 5 points to note while you create a coming soon page for your business website.

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