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5 Most Important SEO Features You Must Know in 2020

Having a business and a web page for it in 2020 means that you can gain a lot for it through internet visits. Optimizing your web site for search engines is a must. Doing it on the other hand is not as easy as some might think.

There are lots of tricks that one should know. Luckily for everyone, the internet has it all. You can read all about this on many pages where experts share their opinion. For example, this article offers tips on gaining traffic through SEO, which is one of the benefits of it.

In this article, we’re going to share the most important features that every SEO expert must know and practice in 2020. Read on if you want to learn more about this!

1. Fully relevant content

Content is king was relevant since forever and it still is. Without high-quality content that will be relevant for the readers, there’s no good SEO. If you write gibberish and do every other SEO segment perfectly, you can be sure that the search engines will keep on ignoring you.

Make sure you offer the perfect content for which clients will click on your page. Don’t make them go elsewhere because you made them click and realize they’ve come to the wrong place. If you run a page for making shoes, offer some shoe content rather than your thoughts on Covid-19.

2. UX made perfectly

If the people visiting the site are not satisfied with how it looks, the speed of loading, the inability to access from their phone, and all the other issues that make the user experience poor, means having a bad SEO rank.

If you’re taking care of the search engine ranking, you must provide the best possible user experience for the visitors. Otherwise, the engine will not rank you high enough.

For example, the average full loading of a page on the mobile internet is somewhere around 11 seconds. The clients, on the other hand, expect the page to be loaded after not more than 3 seconds. This is a big difference between what’s normal and what’s needed. Still, an average person coming to your page expects the 3-second load. If you can’t provide that, your SEO will go down and you can see more about this here.

3. Location is crucial

Since people are using all kinds of devices today that is not a fixed computer, it means that location is becoming more and more important for generating a great SEO score.

People are searching through smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, cars, and all kinds of other devices that might be located differently. The search engines a few years back developed an algorithm that looks into the location of the person who searches and the business that is close to the needs of the person. In other words, a good location SEO gets you higher.

4. Having IoT in mind

As we said in the previous paragraph, people now search through a lot more devices than before. Lots of these searches are being performed by artificial intelligence and devices that are working on their own to provide a service for their owners.

Making sure that your page is optimized for all these pieces of various technologies is a smart thing to do and it will definitely raise your SEO score.

5. BERT optimization

Last year, Google introduced the BERT algorithm. It is a smart way of recognizing natural language processing. Why is this important for websites? Well, the smart speakers and voice search on smartphones see a rise every day. People are searching more this way and the better the recognition system is, the better results will come out.

It’s important for web sites to adjust to this way of research. It’s not enough to implement keywords inside the content because people are no longer searching this way. The search is often made of full sentences and complex questions explaining what is needed. The BERT system is the one that connects this search to the websites providing the most relevant information for it.

Search is changing and it’s going to change even more in the future. Whoever adjusts faster will gain more from it. See more about BERT here: https://towardsdatascience.com/bert-explained-state-of-the-art-language-model-for-nlp-f8b21a9b6270.

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