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5 Features in Gmail Every Gmail User Should Use

With more than 1 billion active users, Gmail has also increased its worth like other esteemed Google products like YouTube, and Android. Gmail has always tried hard to be stay on top of the race and thus, has come up with exciting features to its email platform to cater different needs of its users.

Well, in this article, I am going to describe 5 Gmail tips which can easily improve your productivity with Gmail and make it more user friendly.

  • Labels

You can use labels to organize your emails in a better manner. Want to see how? Just create a label by clicking to “create new label” at the left side of the Gmail panel and drag and drop your conversations in that label. Thus, in this way, you will know where to find out your emails when looking for them.

  • Filters

Filters are clever means to control your inbox crowd. For example, you can apply filters to redirect your email flow i.e. you can forward your emails to a different email address through filters. Moreover, you can use filters to move all newsletters you subscribed to archives so that they don’t make your inbox messy again. Or you can just mark your boss’s emails as important via filters. You can find filters under Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses in the top right corner by clicking the gear icon.

  • Priority Inbox

It is an adaptive feature in Gmail where the inbox automatically learns your preferences about mails by recording your behavioural patterns for incoming emails. It observes the the kind of emails that you have starred or you generally and read. Thus, it may take time but as soon as Gmail is aware of your preferences, it will automatically show up your essential emails.

  • Stars

Stars are meant to signify any mails you want. If you want to mark any email as important, click on the star icon before the email so that the mail is marked as important.

  • Search operators

It is one of the features I personally like in Gmail. You can search anything and everything very easily in your inbox. You just need to know your search operators. Here are some of the search operators with its usage which I have listed here for you.


  • “from:” is used to search elements through the sender of the email,
  • “to:” is used to search elements with the help of receiver,
  • “subject:” is used to search elements with the help of message’s subject,
  • “label:” is used to search with the help of labels assigned to mails,
  • “label:^deleted” is used to retrieve emails which are moved from inbox as well as trash. Such emails are available up to 30 days till they are completely removed from Google’s servers.
  • “size” is used to search emails according to their size (different operators like :, >, <, >=, and <= are used with size)

Though, there are many other tools and extensions which can also help you in increasing your productivity, these handy in-house Gmail tips can increase your love for Gmail and lessen your worries with Gmail.

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